When I travel I try to seek out abandoned places and was able to visit some incredible place this way. For example the abandoned Hotel Europa In Macedonia, the abandoned water park in Vietnam and in the same country the abandoned real estate project called Lideco! As you can see, I’m a bit obsessed with these kind of places. But now back to the train cemetery in Krakow, which is abandoned and hold tons of rusty machinery which is a photographers dream come true.

If you look at a map of the train cemetery, it looks as though it’s been split in two. On one side, there are several tracks, where old trains are simply kept outside. On the other side, there’s a roundhouse where train engines used to be stored, complete with a turntable. We didn’t have time for both, so decided to visit the roundhouse, because of the interesting architecture. It also seemed the smaller area, and would be easier to cover.

Upon arriving, the three of us scattered out to do our own things. I opted to start by flying my drone near the roundhouse, to catch some of the beautiful morning light, shining through the mist. (I later learned to my great frustration, that the video was corrupted; it would have been great!)

Next, I headed towards the old wagons and engines, climbing into the conductor wagon, where coal was shoveled into the oven. It was awesome to photograph these antiquated vehicles, marked by the passage of time in their peeling paint and rust, and makes you realize how nearly nothing is built for eternity… but everything sticks around longer than it should.

I’m back in Valencia, Spain now and started some research on abandoned places near the city and I did find some interesting places. Stay tuned for more posts on this topic.

More Photos Of The Train Cemetery In Krakow


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