How it’s possible to mix musical instruments, animals, vegetation & curious faces, all of that hold inside a tree? 

How it’s possible to turn into Art a dying tree in that still live in a small playground?

Believe it or not, like you all know already, everything it’s possible!

I find the answer to my own questions in my village, Châtillon (Aosta Valley – Italy) , I was going around and I saw a big tree in a children’s playground, it make me immediately happy, I went close and I stay long time to watch it, few second later I promise myself to come back soon and take few pictures, and so I did.

Energy and joy are emitted from this piece of inanimate wood, thanks to the work of several artists who have left their signature on it. 

Was made by local artists, you can find their signatures on the second picture up on the right side, they all work with wood and from my modest point of view they did a really great work! 

I don’t know how to call him, so I choose a nickname that I think it suits him: the tree with a thousand faces.

I did some research on the Internet about it, but the place where he stay, called Conte luda, but I could not find almost anything except some pictures, but about the tree no news and no photos. 

Well, now it’s time to show you that piece of art, and you can tell me on comments if you agree with me or not about it!

With this article I want to thank all Trybe community that is doing a wonderful job to improve herself to became better and better everyday, from the headquarters from the staff to the members, you’re great guys, I saw in you the same things I see in this tree, a piece of wood that over time has become a masterpiece!

Sky & faces

Artist names up on the right side

Musicians, wheels horse and more…

The four faces

The tree with mountains

More faces

Tree panoramic

Few owls on the left

Slide near the tree

The faces from another perspective

Tree and faces

Whole tree

Tree & the slid

B&W tree

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  1. Zeus69

    Thanks for this post @Dexpartacus, really beautiful photography of someones masterpiece artwork. I love natural wood, I do a lot of DIY with reclaimed wood at home but carving is something I’m not good at all, that’s why this really is of interest to me.
    Mark (Zeus69)

  2. Nicholas

    Wow, so cool artwork!
    Im a little envy for those, who have this level of creativity and skill, to make anything like this.
    I mean, i can use the chainsaw, and can make two piece from one piece wood, but its not the best, as i see 🙂