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If for example there are 2 high school students, we call the A and B. The A is always ranked 1, never down from that rank. The B experiences ups and downs, sometimes ranked 1, sometimes 3, then going up again. This is an example. In your opinion, which one is better between the two? I am sure, many answer that the A is better. Because of the dose in formal schools, that is the standard.

The assessment that student A is better, is not wrong, but allow this time, I review from different aspects. I flashback backwards, I was during elementary school as a student like the A, and experienced a severe psychological shock. Accustomed to achieving, never experienced ups and downs. I have a friend too, who has a high GPA, but has suffered a downturn, and finally dropped out of college.

There is a side to watch out for, when someone is accustomed to being at the top, accustomed to not experiencing up and down. What needs to be watched? What needs to be watched is, unpreparedness, when life is showing its natural nature. The nature of life is up and down. As there are sunrise and sunset. In the course of life too, in all aspects.

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A person’s success-success in his career, must one day retire. That retirement is coming down from a career. For those who are ordinary UP, will experience severe shock when DOWN. There is the term post power syndrome for example. Some time ago my friend told me, there was a friend who was used to UP, and when DOWN, he finally entered a mental hospital.

One of the reasons people do not enjoy life is because they must always be uplifted, always up. A doctrine that defies the nature of life. This is the same as being indoctrinated, that life is always daytime, and there is no night. Is the doctrine wrong? Not entirely, but it has an impact on not accepting life, with all its dynamics. Like playing chess, only willing to accept white plots, reject black plots.

We can only try optimally, so we can UP. Academic value up, turnover up, rank ups, bonus ups, career ups and so on. However, we also need to be ready to accept, when life is driving human beings. If you are ranked 1st continuously, when does your friend feel the same happiness in rank 1 position? If you continue to be popular, when do other people have similar opportunities?

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Humans are like leaves, from the same tree. It is natural, there are new leaves that grow, and there are leaves that fall to the ground. There are some people, who are so gripping, rejecting the nature of life, like leaves that are reluctant to fall from a tree. Because in his mind, the leaves fell to the ground, the lower class. In fact, leaves that fall from trees can also transform into fertilizer, for the growth of new leaves.

Day and night are taken care of. Hot and cold are taken away. Elderly and young are marginalized. Likewise, there is a rotation between up and down. Life is a role-playing game. This awareness, which will lead us, is able to rejoice, when other people up and shift our position. Joy, when we are ranked 1st, it’s normal. Join joy, when others are ranked 1, this is a spiritual attitude of enlightened people.

Competing in kindness, that’s good. But often, ego shifts goodness. Because in that race, we want to always win, others want to always be defeated. After winning, want to continue winning, afraid of others winning. In that victory, we are actually depressed inside, always haunted by fear, worried if his victory is taken away by life.

Regards, @Nawarrado

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  1. Zeus69

    Very interesting perspective on achievers and under achievers as i see it, I was an under achiever at school due to many reasons not under my control, but moving on I have always thrived and pushed myself to do better due to this, and have achieved, I have many friends that were the over achievers at school and have now failed in life.
    Thank you for this post it makes me even more optimistic on my goals. πŸ˜‰
    Mark (Zeus69)