Sometimes things just fit.  The WORBLI Trybe “dinner date” is one of those things…  Two blockchain companies running within the same ecosystem with a passion for the community and education, sitting at the same table talking about the future.


Sister chains were part of the intention of EOS design; to utilize the same EOS.IO software to create commercial applications scalable from thousands of transactions a second, each serving a particular market sector.  WORBLI is one of those Sister Chains with the potential to merge blockchain and fintech in a way never previously thought possible. Everyone within the EOS ecosystem is on the same mission. WORBLI brings a massive amount of potential and growth to the space by creating an asset safe haven with an insured wallet.  A banking compliant model with the blazing transaction speed of EOS.


Trybe is very proud to announce our partnership with WORBLI.  We will be helping to provide information on the developments of their chain as well as some of the incoming Dapps.  To essentially be the media coverage and voice of all things WORBLI is both exciting and rewarding. They have a strong team, a solid vision, and share the same values and excitement for the space that we have here at Trybe. Brooke Munson, Marketing Operations Manager from WORBLI says, “Trybe has been an invaluable contributor to the WORBLI community, now it is time to work closer with Trybe, and provide a platform to engage our ever growing audience around the world.”


We look forward to working with WORBLI as a liaison for blockchain journalism and building a better ecosystem for all of the EOS Space.


For our first collaboration we are announcing the weekly broadcasting of WORBLI Talks for exclusive updates and interviews with team members and partners.


Take a look at our first episode to get a network update from our CEO, Domenic Thomas here


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