During a Bear Market, investing can carry high risk/high reward potential and even the most seasoned investors can end up “catching falling knives”. In a Bear market it is common for investor confidence to plummet just as fast as the prices in your most priced crypto investment. It can be easy to lose sight of why you invested in a particular project to begin with and before you know it your fear of further losses has you selling your investments at a loss and doing your best to justify it by telling yourself “the market will fall more and I will buy back in again at the bottom and make back the money I just lost by selling.” Unfortunately this is rarely the way it ends up working out. More than likely you will wake up one morning and realize that while you slept the market finally turned around and you missed your opportunity to buy back in at the bottom and now the “FOMO” (Fear of Missing Out) begins to set in as you are busy wiping the sleep out of your eyes and pouring your morning coffee. This is usually where you will end up buying back in at yet another loss and justify it to yourself by saying something like “its ok I will make back all the losses once my prized crypto goes to the moon!” Lambo, right guys… guys????

So while it can be quite tempting to try to jump in and out of a Bear Market attempting to earn a few extra bucks, the risk is often much greater than the reward anyways. Not only are you creating an immense amount of stress on yourself you are also relying on having a “crystal ball insight” as to where the exact bottom will actually be. For most seasoned crypto investors who have already experienced their first or second Bear market they will all likely tell you the same thing…”HODL”

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      Oh no, seriously? That sucks you can’t vote on my post ☹️ That’s a glitch Trybe really needs to look into ASAP. Without the votes there is no reason to post, right? Oh well.
      I’m glad you read it anyways ☺️ And yes! Buying more of the projects you believe in while the prices are down is the a great idea! As long as you can afford it and it’s not more than you are willing to possibly loose, of course.
      I bought more today too haha