The uncommon knowledge, through out my school days, this is said be one of the most important aspects one need to know before any other attachable knowledge.

Back then in school, teachers, lectures, professors, and other knowledged personnel’s never mention these important aspects of skill and knowledge.

Which is making money, being Rich, being wealthy. from my own point of view, it is been seen as fantasy. main while it is not.

All we learnt was mathematics, physics, English language, Biology, Economics, Statistics. etc funny enough in today’s era,21century, you can only make a living base on what you are good at, entrepreneurship. not certificate.

I never learnt how to create assert,making 20$ to produce 40$ or More,apart from English language, mathematics,studying History etc. Though is also good. But the aspects of getting rich and being wealthy should be review and research should be carry out,to brought to light the knowledge of crypto world,and other secret sources of income that most of our teachers,lectures and professors may know off, a medium should be establish were students will be educated most especially income generating activities of the 21century which is “IDEAR” idea now rules the world. or also we should be thought on how to invest especially on crypto currency, rather than running around with jobs application letters. Which at the end you will not get job.

On that great day,where I was told of crypto currency, I didn’t believe it because I was not thought in schools, information of such, we were made to have these mentality that all are Fantasy.they don’t exist.

On my first research on crypto currency, company, organization involved in these digital assert,it is on that note I come across platform, research has made it clear that is one of the most fast growing knowledge acquisition digital platform…. On that good evening I sign up immediately without wasting time. till today it has been so good and wonderful.

You see? I cut across based on logistics, not through reading English language or physics text book, after many month of disappointment searching for job.

I Finally goin crypto world, it is happening over here,making cool cash. remember not through common ways, it is not common to know about these..good luck to all my friends out there…….


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