Organizational best practices asides, there is a need for every brand owner, entrepreneur or business executive to develop the skill to discern or preempt the changing times and the impact it would have on their organization. You will agree with me that change is noiseless, that you really never know when it actually starts, right? I think it’s wise and smart to seek to discern change before it happens and position ourselves appropriately for it. In fact if you can, go ahead and birth the change or be the change! I was recently privileged to listen to a very wise man analyse the current times we live in and as a result, I’ll like us to examine some of the concepts of our new reality and changing times and how it can help the developing businesses.


We are now in an era of globalization where the strength of every material is determined by its universal appeal. If your product is not meeting up to universal global standards, you are not likely to gain much traction no matter how fantastic it may seem in you immediate locality. Therefore, if you want to hit it big in the current times, you must re position yourself for global relevance and stop celebrating your local championship.


There is nothing new under the sun. Nothing is really new. Newness is basically new people receiving old ideas or old news happening to new people. We can therefore say that new things or ideas are usually a repeat of old things/ideas presented in a different way right?


We live in complex times where the borderlines of geography are disappearing/melting away due to the borderlessness of globalization made possible by the advent of information technology. The internet, mobile phones, social media, international television and so on are disintegrating the borders of the world as we have previously known it. A direct result of this is the melding together of different cultures, ideas, thought patterns, ways of life and much more leading to global pluralism.

Moral Pluralism

Moral pluralism focuses on the idea that there are several values which may be equally correct and fundamental and yet be in conflict with each other. This pluralism allows for a tolerance for all ideas and beliefs without anyone being dominant! The internet preaches pluralism nowadays and so there is a global difficulty in knowing right and wrong! If Christianity is right and homosexuality is right and cultism is right, what then is wrong?


Freedom without rules is a vice. Total freedom without laws or principles can lead to psychosis. Freedom must be subject to rules. Stop bringing down other people under the guise of freedom of expression. Stop using your freedom to pull the world down. When you begin to see and talk about everyone’s shortcomings and you become incapable of honest self-evaluation, you have become too free. You begin to use the inadequacies of others against them, hiding your own inadequacies in the process. Why not use your freedom to research the loopholes in other people’s lives and products that catch and retain your attention, then build your own solutions around such loopholes?


The assumption of post-truth is the idea that we are now living in a time when what we feel about the truth is now more important than the truth itself. Post-truth implies that there was a preceding “pre-truth” and then a “truth”. In the post-truth era, feeling is the new wisdom and it’s changing the fate of products, global businesses, brands etc. Now the world is focused on “Total Experience Management” no more “Total Quality Management”. Everything is now about brand experience and feelings, at the expense of the true facts and objectivity. Feelings are the new dominating power and they are being propagated by social media. Successful enterprises are being built around perception and experience not necessarily integrity and truth. In this post-truth Era, social media is becoming the new police and the people are gradually becoming the regulating the systems not law enforcement agencies. Do you have a vibrant brand identity? If you don’t, you need to use this information to build one!


Privatization means moving something from the public sphere into the private sphere. In this era of freedom and globalization, everything has changed and things previously done in the public are now being done in the private and vise versa. It means a man can have his highest bliss and greatest misery all alone unlike before when it was dependent on association. Private spaces are now completely different from before, because you can be in your room and still be seen by the whole world via social media. Our lives are lived in the public. This makes it easy for us to compare ourselves unnecessarily with our contemporaries leading so many into the errors of envy! The onus lies on us to understand the times and find out our role in the changing times. Don’t stay in your room dying of envy because your school mate has posted pictures of his new car on Instagram. Stop criticizing social media, stop trying to put new wine in old wine skins. It’s time to start building your own power, influence and follower-ship on social media for your own purposes too!

I would like to know our opinions about all of the above. Please drop a comment to share your thoughts with me.

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