The bright beacon that lets me see,

all the coast in front of me.

It shines the paths I navigate

and steers me to a likeful fate.


I travelled where no land was seen,

and no marks of where my wake had been.

But as the land if came ahoy.

I found the journey weren’t a toy.


For as the land, it came close by

I checked the stars up in the sky.

A fierce light pierced the black of pitch,

and saved me from a watery ditch.


My first mate said, “yo, steer it right,”

I then fled from the dark of night.

I found my bearings fair and true,

and looked for dock at somewhere new.


Checked the fathoms, anchor dropped

lowered small boat, down I hopped.

I grasp the oars and row along,

the water chopped a raucous song.


I left the men to stay aboard,

while I alone went abroad.

I feared the row would never end,

but beacons shine for worthy men.


Finally, puffed, I reach the land,

with wet feet and aching hands.

The light-house that’s atop the cliff,

was daunting and it scared me stiff.


I turn my head and start to flee,

then conscience gets the best of me.

For the cold black seas, I’ve seen before,

and I’ll not be travelling there no more.


I close my eyes and grab a rock,

I open them and high they lock.

I take a grab, my breath I hold.

My ascent begins, I’m feeling bold.


Hand hold to foot, foot hold to past.

A grumbling tummy tells of my fast.

I get half the way and my muscles are knots,

cold breath gets sharp and chest barks out coughs.


My ascent is one people say is to madness,

but each cramp I feel is a moment to gladness.

For the top isn’t far and the land there is flat,

and to go back down is to fall in a trap.


My hand reaches up and I pull myself over.

The stars shine down on this weary rover.

Regaining my breath, I stretch out my limbs,

and shake off the soreness that hunger brings.


I gaze at the building with the light on the roof,

then stare at the cliff searching for the proof,

of the flapping sail of the mast of my ship,

and trace in my head events of my trip.


I head where I aim with a smile, slight with grim,

and get to the building with hope I’m let in.

I arrive at the door and I bang knock, knock, knock,

and the seconds click by in the tick of my clock.


My heart beats hard, steady and true,

anticipating the arrival of somebody new.

I then hear a click, clack and a squeak,

as the doorway opens there is a bright streak.


A silhouette stands there I’m startled at first,

The voice chimes “let’s relieve you this curse…

“For your journey was tough and tiring it’s true”.

With a tear in my eye I just replied “thank you”.

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