The wave (🌊) is so fierce that, we run away because of what it tells us it will do as against what it eventually does when it hits us


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One important thing I have come to know the wave does when it hits is, “you get wet and drenched”. You do not at first feel the “bad” it has done because, getting you wet may just be the worse thing yet.

I Feel Blessed!

I think in life, we should expect the waves in multiple ways because, there is something about it being a part of our day. It fits into a routine that cannot be denied by anyone.

Recently, we have been hit with series of waves through a gradual dipping that has become so severe that, even the strongest of heart is worried.

No one saw this coming. We all knew something was about to happen, (most of us thought it would be great so fast they we will moon) we saw the signs and we also heard the roar of the wave. We even felt it’s initial rumbling and when it shifted, we all heaved a sigh of relieve until it came rushing back at us.

I grew up in a riverine area and I had the opportunity of seeing the waters battle with man made structures. These structures always appeared to be solid and we’ll places until the waters come cutting through.


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Will the waves stop? Absolutely not and I can tell you for free that, it is just starting because it is the season of the waves.

What to do? Become a surfer and ride the waves. You may not be a surfer, but you can surf the waves just as it isn’t physical. Make up your mind to be the best damn surfer on the face of the earth and run into the wave as it comes charging at you. The bigger, the better.

No one has the power to determine how the day goes, but we all are mostly believers in seeing the kind of day we desire to see amd whatever comes, we are thankful for winning or sad for failing.

Have you been hit by the wave yet? Don’t worry, stay strong, do not faint, dress up, arm yourself with your board and surf it.

Make the world a better place for someone today!

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  1. Infosion

    You really sound like a real surfer! Was into skateboarding and some inline skating in the vert back in my early days. But from what I heard this is nothing compared to riding a wave. Definitely on my agenda to do that hopefully one day 🙂 Thanks for reminding me, nice article!