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Welcome back to poems based on the tarot!  The card for our ninth post is the six of swords. This card deals with leaving a bad situation behind, and making our way through force of will, to a new and better life. This passage might need some secrecy and stealth, and with it the idea of sadness for what needs to be done, as we will have to leave something behind.  Even though we are hoping to go to a better place, there will always be elements we miss, and things we will never see again.


I have decided to use this poem to describe my own situation when I needed to leave one workplace and move to a new one. The company I was working for was going through a rough time, and as a consequence everyone was on edge, and under suspicion. We needed to make sure that we were all doing our part, and were vigilantly trying to find ways to improve, and even worse, reveal ways that we were screwing up.  


One morning someone misinterpreted something I did, and instead of trying to correct him or her, or make them understand the situation, I just decided in my mind that now was the time to leave, and get out of the whole mess.


But in order to do that, I needed to have a good excuse, to be away a couple of extra days.  Since I would have to travel to another city, and interview there, and I needed them not to expect anything out of the ordinary.  How could I stay the Monday for the interview, and go back to my old job without them suspecting my intentions, as it was a small company, and by leaving I would be letting them down?


The force of will I decided upon was probably not the most rational, or the most creative, but it did enable me to move away from the uncomfortable past, and enter a new calmer phase of my life. I wouldn’t suggest that you try this at home. But if you are in a nasty situation, and feel like it is stifling you, then realize that with true intention, and will, you can change your situation for a new one.


The Six of Swords – January 21, 2019

Photo Credit:  Schiffer

I launch myself down the impossible hill
Roller blades whining with momentum
I am balancing the exponential acceleration
With an appreciable, escalating fear,
And a determined, maniacal smile.


At the point of definite damage, but safe from suicide
I fling myself backwards and surrender
To the skin ripping pavement and the pebbling of flesh
Crumpling with painful satisfaction
For my verifiable excuse.


All to evade misunderstandings too convoluted to clarify
A toxic environment of suspicion and distrust
To cover up my new interview and escape plan
To the glittering city of towers.


With my injured leg I endure the new tests of fortitude
Impress with my effort and easy dedication
And become welcomed to new shores
Enabling me to announce with tentative relief
Of my keys to the city, and hard earned departure.


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  1. Zeus69

    Very interesting, I don’t understand tarot cards at all, and maybe I should research further, but I particularly enjoy your poetry that go with it. Thanks for sharing.
    Mark (Zeus69)

  2. James Diegel

    Nice on J-Bob… and yes, likely not a good thing to try at home…

    That said – I once knew a guy that used to rollerblade down a huge hill on the way home from school. The hill was too big to be able to stop, and the first time he tried it he got very lucky. From then on, he would stand at the top of the hill and with his watch and time the lights – he knew that if he left when the light turned yellow, he could hit the next green and not have to worry about on coming traffic. Not sure why but that poem made me chuckle as I’m well aware of the crazy things people do on roller blades. Maybe best not to try that one at home either…

    As for your experience – can’t say I have ever went that far – but yes – for sure I can agree that sometime you have to sacrifice yourself in the short term in order to achieve whats best in regards to friction 😉

  3. safwadi

    Do you know? I not understand about tarot, but to day after i read your post. I know what that tarot, and not all abot tarot, by the way, this good for my knowlage, if some body say about tarot i know,, thanks.