First off, the whole world deserves to know and participate in the BlockChain — whereas this is the best ticket towards wealth, freedom and prosperity, that I’m aware of. But as with everything in life, knowing about “something” isn’t quite enough; you need to explore, learn, educate yourself, test, apply in practice and above all, appeal to your common sense — in order to be able to get at the stage where you are able to avail that “something” to your own advantage.

Further more, I think it’s safe to assert that BlockChain is a sword with 2 edges: you can get a tremendous amount of wealth in a short period of time; but in the same time, if you aren’t cautious enough, you might lose all your funds in a blink of an eye and never get them back, since the majority of the BlockChains are immutable ledgers that don’t reverse the transactions in the way we are used with the banks, payment processors and other derivative corrupt models.

Thus, in the vastness of almost infinite ocean of the CryptoCurrencies, you can encounter all sorts of projects with all possible imaginable concepts. It’s up to you to choose what’s best for you.

Regarding BlockChain start-ups or established traditional businesses that are making the transition to the BlockChain, there is this tendency of providing Airdrops and Bounties to advertise their projects; which is fine, except for the fact that the history has proven that 80-90% of them fail since they bring in a bunch of people who only want free tokens, instead of focusing more on bringing in real customers who would be interested in their products or at least in their vision, so they would be motivated to actually buy the tokens.

However, I’ve seen over the last 2 years small businesses projects that do or at least try to do something different, unique and compatible with the current people’s demands — one of them is certainly the CryptoEmail.

They are in a very early stage and are yet to be listed on exchanges (first ones are targeted CoinEx and KuCoin). They don’t intend to conduct an ICO, instead they rather focus to provide right off the bat a live-working product. They claim on their Website that their profit comes from generating marketing results, not selling tokens. Isn’t this a great approach for a CryptoCurrency?!

Instead of promising a very advanced technology that they are supposedly planning on developing in the who knows which future, as very many projects do, CryptoEmail already has a live-product that can be used by both Users (by making money for engaging in Crypto/Social tasks) and Advertisers (by promoting their businesses where they are entitled to get a well written press release, spreading of this press release across all CryptoEmail’s Websites and Social Media profiles which are a lot since they already have an established registered Australian business, emailing this press release out to CryptoEmail’s subscribers list, paying extra to have CryptoEmail’s userbase follow, retweet, share, upvote and other vital tasks…

All this is integrated via their native ERC-20 token operating on the Decentralized Ethereum Network BlockChain, called cMail; which fuels a chain of powerful Crypto marketing tools and social media websites that allows people from all around the world to earn good amounts of money by completing simple online tasks.

cMail tokens can be used for anything you can imagine! By Using WordPress + cMail payments plugin + points system — anyone can create a CryptoCurrency enabled website, application and affiliate system easily.

And this is not all, there are a lot of other qualitative and productive features that can serve a lot the BlockChain field as a whole and I will not cover them all in this specific article; and which is also very important: this CryptoEmail tool has what it takes to give you prosperity even when Crypto Markets are in downtrend like we are witnessing for the entire year of 2018 so far.

I think it’s totally worth people’s attention to at least check this project out:

Disclaimer: I disclose that I’m paid to promote CryptoEmail project which has its own ERC-20 native token called cMail. According to our agreement, I’m going to be paid 1,000,000 cMail tokens. There is no guarantee when this token is going to be listed on any market, if ever; nor, at any point, I guarantee its future price/value, if any price/value at all. However, I chose to promote it not because of the monetary incentive alone, but also because I truly believe in its product, service and vision as a whole; that being said, you should realize that my belief might be biased and you should do your own research and take actions based on your own investigation and not based on my beliefs.

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