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Hello good ladies and gentlemen of TRYBE. I hope this message finds you well as always, and that you are good and well wherever you happen to be.

It’s that time to announce our next TRYBE Content Competition, but first just a little on the idea of our contests and what it is exactly that we are looking to achieve.

As you know, TRYBE was born out of crypto and digital assets.  With that in mind, it is the intent of TRYBE to remain blockchain agnostic and have some of our great contributors continue to inform the community about other technologies out there. In addition, I think that we can all agree that the more we as a community can contribute to the mission of TRYBE in creating top notch incredible original content, the more reach the community will have and the bigger we will grow; which lets face it, is a benefit to us all in the long run.

From a macro perspective, we are in the grand scheme of things just getting started with these contests and will be working to continually integrate new ideas to spurn forth our content creators, as well as adapt our selection and voting processes in order to ensure not only the contestants and the TRYBE community as a whole, but the crypto space in general benefits from the immense amount of unique talent and wisdom we have found here within our midst.

With that out of the way then, lets dive in to the specifics of the next contest and the changes we will be implementing to move closer to our collective mission to make TRYBE the best platform there regarding such agnostic crypto content.

For this contest we are going to be doing something a little different. There will be no community vote – and for very good reason. We are turning what you thought you knew about our contests on its head and bringing you something I feel is one of the freshest and exciting contests we have had yet.

In terms of prizes, in addition to the standard TRYBE, we will actually be partnering with none other than WORBLI who will be donating 20,000 WBI to the grand prize winner.

As for the content, well this one too is going to be something completely new. To lay it out, TRYBE and WORBLI want to hear from you about your ideas for an application that would be great on the WORBLI ecosystem. And yes, you did just read that correctly.

So to reiterate, your task should you choose to accept it:

*Come up with an idea for an app that you believe would be great for the WORBLI ecosystem and tell us (and the community) about it with as much descriptive detail as possible

*Understand that because of the nature of this contest although everyone is free to enter, there will be no community vote (i.e. all winners will be chosen by an internal council and prizes awarded accordingly based upon our collective decision)

In addition to these specified changes, a reminder of the process with a couple adaptions from the norm:

*The post must be placed on the platform under the WORBLI category (check the WORBLI category in the ‘more’ drop down menu box of the post creation page). Please note, that in accordance with TRYBE rules you may only select one category for your post. Also note, beneath your post upon being published the category will be clearly shown. So long as this is the case you are golden 😉

*In order for clarity and ease of judgement, all entries should focus upon ONE idea for a potential app that would work within the WORBLI ecosystem. Please be aware of their mission and what it is about and striving to achieve. Although a Pokemon trading app might be a really cool idea, and even if excellently written, personally I don’t think the chances that you would win with this would be all that great. Now I could very well be wrong on this, but I really want our potential entries to be aware that what we are looking for is A DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF AN APP THAT YOU BELIEVE WOULD BE GREAT FOR THE WORBLI ECOSYSTEM.

*In addition to this, the implementation of a TRYBE Content Competition banner will be required. Because of the nature of our contests, we don’t want anyone to be confused that these are official announcements by the projects that we are writing about, so in an effort to add clarity to our posts we will ask all contestants to please place the TRYBE Image located at the top right of this post into your submission. All you have to do is download/copy the exact image as it appears in this post and upload it as you would any other image into your submission. Please keep it at the top right corner of your submission so it will be easy for others to see in an effort to quell any confusion both for internal TRYBE members and those new to our platform and not familiar with our previous contests.

*The submission deadline for this contest will be the 24th of March, meaning that your post must be submitted and approved with a time stamp of March 24th to be considered in the prize pool. Be be cautious of this, because even if you decide at the last minute to edit the post and it happens not to be on the platform at the time we collect the submissions for review, it’s likely that these posts will be disqualified.

*In terms of content, please be aware that TRYBE considers any content copied that has not been clearly sourced an act of theft, and we treat these acquisitions very seriously. Please to the best of your ability properly source all images and cite all quotes in order to give credit where credit is due. Just think about how you would feel if someone won a prize with your work and did not properly give credit. (Also please note, although it should not really be an issue for this particular contest, I am working on a model for our contest submissions that accounts for both the validity of the content itself and the originality of how it is presented – but more on that later when if becomes more relevant).

*Finally, as noted for the pervious contest all TRYBE prizes will be automatically staked into TRYBE’s 180 day staking system. The breakdown of prizes for this contest are as follows:

1st place – will be awarded 25,000 TRYBE & 20,000 WORBLI

2nd place – will be awarded 20,000 TRYBE

3rd place – will be awarded 15,000 TRYBE

4th place – will be awarded 10,000 TRYBE

5th place – will be awarded 5,000 TRYBE

In conclusion, we really are excited to see what you guys can come up regarding this contest and look forward to all your various entries. That said, please bear in mind that these are free contests that have been put together by the TRYBE team (and in this case our partner WORBLI) in an effort to learn about great crypto projects and give our members a chance to add value to TRYBE and the crypto space in general. Of course, I am always open to your thoughts and have taken it upon myself as my mission to continually improve these contests for the benefit of all parties involved. I also understand that there are always improvements that can be made and I am working tirelessly to implement progressive change for the betterment of not only the contestants, but both the TRYBE community and crypto enthusiasts as a whole.

Anyway, for now dear Trybians, the content shall be left in your hands to postulate and create at will. Looking forward to seeing all the potential I know you’ll bring us. Till next time, as always thanks for dropping by and please do enjoy till next we have the pleasure again.

Your Trybalist in creative arms,

Jimmy D on behalf of the rest of the TRYBE & WORBLI teams 😉

*P.S. For all those waiting on the last contest results, my apologies in the wait, but your curiosity shall be satisfied by mid weekend at the very latest.

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  1. Zeus69

    Thanks for setting up the contest in such a creative and interesting manner Jimmy, I’m sure you will get many entries for this one, the prizes are certainly huge, especially the first prize.
    Mark (Zeus69)

    1. James Diegel Post author

      It’s exciting to say the least. And yes, I’m really looking forward to seeing what the community surprises us with. And thank you too TIMM for your comment and support of these contests. Much appreciated 🙂

      1. James Diegel Post author

        (lol) Ya, there will be more than me making the decision on this one 😉
        Glad you like the task. And the banner, well that is in no small part thanks to a conversation I had with you. It’s a good way to ensure that people don’t get confused – especially with this contest as it is developing a ‘hypothetical app idea’ – and we all know how crazy the crypto space gets when it comes to news, no matter legit or not 😉