In the world of cryptocurrency, things are highly unpredictable due to the high price volatility of the market, and this is due to the fact that the market is very young in its lifespan. This can both be a good thing, and a bad thing as well, its a bad thing in the sense that it makes the market unpredictable, which keeps most investors away, but it is a good thing when the early adopters who first took the risk get rewarded when the markets spikes. There are several ways of getting into the cryptocurrency and the blockchain space, which are either you buy the coins in pre-ICO, or at the during the ICOs.

You can also get the coins or token when it has been launched and listed on exchanges, but at this point, the cost of each token will be a little higher than if you had gotten the coin at pre-ICO or at ICO rates. Lastly, you can get into the cryptocurrency space by participating in bounty programmes.

Bounties are essentially incentivized reward mechanisms offered by companies to individuals. – Hackernoon

This post is about one of the world’s best bounty platforms –, and why you should check them out for the best and legitimate bounties currently available in the market.

Bounty global homepage 

About Bounty global

Bounties are part of a token’s ICO campaign, and it is a way of creating awareness for the project, by incentivized rewards through active participation. Last 2017, there were about 370 ICO’s that was launched into the market, and these ICO’s raised $6.2 Billion in investments. Now, a considerable amount of the investment went to bounties. There are many platforms that offer a wide array of promising bounties, but none is as organised and legit as bounty.

On bounty, you will see a wide array of vetted and promising bounties that have a more than average chance of succeeding, because the member of the bounty team, go through each bounty, and only post the ones that they are confident in. So the bounty won’t waste their time filling in their details and participating fake bounties that will profit them nothing. This is why bounty is highly rated and have thousands of unique page visits on a daily basis.

Sleek UI/UX

The user interface of bounty and experience is very friendly as the bounties are categorized into different sections that will aid easy understanding. There is the ongoing bounty section, and here you can find the list of bounties you partake of, each bounty redirects users to a page where you can complete the necessary process to fully be a part of the program. This process is signing in, linking your accounts to the designated bounty program, and getting your referral links.

There are also past bounties, here you can assess the archives of closed bounties that have past through the platform, and you can go through them. And there are the upcoming bounties that you can be a part of, here you can find out more about the project, and if it is a project you are interested in, you can be a part of both the bounty and the ICOs.

In the end bounty is a great platform that every crypto enthusiast should be active on because you’ll never know, you might just get the next project that may become bigger than Bitcoin for free.


[Bounty Global Website]

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  1. Iskandar

    Memang memberi warna baru dan memberi satu sistem bermedia sosial yang berbeda … dan proses nya juga berbeda … apa lagi bounty nya … renyah gan …