In order to develop blockchain technology in Indonesia, the two children of this nation returned to their homeland. Who are they?

Quoted from the Indonesian national media site, First of all, it’s good to know more about the blockchain which may still be foreign to the ear. Bitcoin may sound more familiar, even though both have links.

Bitcoin is one type of cryptocurrency. Well, blockchain is the technology behind the presence of Bitcoin. Now blockchain is on the way to not only be identified with virtual currencies.

This can be seen from the collaboration between Splend, the provider of blockchain infrastructure, with one of the cybersecurity and information companies in the country, XecureIT. Both collaborate to build the blockchain ecosystem in Indonesia.

What’s interesting is that both of them were built by the nation’s children who had taken up careers abroad. Splendid was founded by Rick Bleszynski, while XecureIT was made by Gildas Deograt Lumy.

Splend, one of the blockchain infrastructure market players recently signed a strategic partnership with XecureIT to provide blockchain infrastructure on the Indonesian market. Splend provides a new breakthrough blockchain network platform that will provide the ability to overcome problems that are often encountered, such as in terms of scalability, security and latency. While XecureIT provides security solutions for developed platforms. photo:

The first mentioned name has a lot of salt acid in Silicon Valley. There, he explored the field of the microprocessor and established several chip-producing companies for the internet.

A number of chips made by Rick Bleszynski were recognized by a number of global companies such as Cisco, Nokia, to Fujitsu. In fact, Intel had acquired the company called Softcom Microsystems in 1999.

While Gildas had worked at one of the international oil and gas companies in the cybersecurity division. He claimed to have decided to return to Indonesia to be able to contribute in the field of cybersecurity. Together with XecureIT, he became one of the figures behind the establishment of Pesankita Indonesia (PS). The platform is an instant messaging sharing service provider that was launched last year.

The collaboration between the two is expected to maximize blockchain technology so that it can be a solution to problems such as scalability, security, and latency. Moreover, both Rick and Gildas claim that a number of parties both from corporations and government support the implementation of blockchain in various sectors.

Rick claimed to have established communication with several parties. One of the things he calls studying deeply about blockchain is Bank Indonesia. He also mentioned that financial is indeed a potential sector to implement the technology.

Meanwhile, Gildas claimed that one of the Indonesian banks would utilize Pesankita Indonesia for its mobile banking application. He said the PS is like a platform platform, so that any party can use it to create various applications.

Photo caption: Gildas Deograt Lumy and Rick Bleszynski, return home to build blockchain in Indonesia (Photo: Muhamad Imron Rosyadi / detikINET)

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