An early awakening, to relish the sun rise,
The warmth it brings into my heart suppressing cries,
Sharing and chatting over coffee with my adorable sunshine,
Heart filled laughter and lovingly touching, so sublime,
Our openness to each other, no longer false but true,
Her beautiful smile and sense of humor on me grew,
Planning the day ahead, maybe a trip out to the farms,
Or staying at home together with her in my arms.

When my 8 year beautiful daughter visits for the day,
Spending the time, loving, talking, laughing at play,
Hide and go seek one of her favorite games I find,
Counting while you hide only to hear a giggle from my behind,
Us folding paper in half, filled with color paint,
Revealing our creations and comparing, maybe a re-paint
Her innocent smile, humor, grin to see if I enjoy the same,
We are so close, never apart again, forget the shame.


Hiking through nature, observing the birds and bees,
Admiring the towering trees, swaying in the breeze,
The sun rays glistening through the shadowy foliage,
The smell of the forest, moist with mushroom spoilage,
Rivers sparkling, rapids, cleaning over boulders flowing,
Beautiful shrubberies, bushes, all natural around, growing,
The tranquility and relentless beauty that nature does bring,
Butterflies flapping around, and listening as birds sing.


Settling down after the days relaxed planned delight,
Reliving the joy of the day as the sun begins to fade from bright,
Celebrating as the moon begins its evening glow,
Star filled sky flickering brighter for their stunning show,
Crickets chirping happy noises as if they see similar,
Moths flying about the light blindly for them familiar,
The evening quietens as the nightfall approaches around,
The day’s warmth cooling down as the light show begins to astound,
Settling down for bed after a sun-downer at the days end,
Peacefully sleeping no disturbances, as one with nature I blend.


I hope you have enjoyed this simplistic poem about what I love in life.
The beginning of new and the end of the poem.
Regards Mark (Zeus69)

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    1. Zeus69 Post author

      F… Bukoski, LOL, I write what i want to write, I have so much dark stuff, that I have written that would scare him off, so i have to look on the other side as well, 🙂
      Just kidding bud, thanks for the read and comment/
      Mark (Zeus69)

    1. Zeus69 Post author

      Thanks mate, yeah hearty is not really my thing actually, I refer you to my other deep and dark poems, check my blog, if interested. LOL
      Thanks for reading my friend.
      Mark (Zeus69)

    1. Zeus69 Post author

      Thank you, always appreciate you reading, yeah there are certain lines that much more sense for some people thats what makes poetry amazing, it can touch certain people some of the time and some parts touch others, and some not at all.
      Mark (Zeus69)