Santorini, mythical Greek island of the Aegean, is a popular tourist destination. Its sea, its history, its distinctive architecture bring many tourists every year. There are many things to see and these are my suggestions….


In Santorini meet many cats who like to be photographed! The Aegean cat is a naturally occurring landrace of domesticated cat originating from the Cycladic islands. It is known to be the only native Greek variety and is one of the oldest domesticated cat breeds.




Fira, (Phirà) with its 1718 inhabitants, is the main center of Santorini. The old town is very characteristic because it was built on the caldera’s edge: the houses, on different levels, are arranged along narrow alleys and numerous paths with many steps allow you to go from one point to another of this quaint village. No car, no motorbike or even bicycle run through these alleys. Only you encounter donkeys and men ….



Santorini’s churches are defined by anonymous vernacular architecture. The island has over 600 churches and chapels. These are simple, square edifices, always  white : it is impossible not to notice these buildings with their characteristic blue domes in the midst of other buildings or isolated in the countryside or near the sea. The churches are an integral part of the landscape of the island.


Do not miss the archaeological site of Akrotiri. This site is also known as the “Pompeii of the Aegean” because about 1627 BC was destroyed by a volcanic eruption that buried the city under a layer of ash of 30 meters that has preserved over the centuries.

Archaeological excavations have returned part of the Minoan city and interesting artifacts such as pottery and wonderful frescoes many of which are on display at the National Museum of Athens and at the Prehistoric Museum of Fira. Near the archaeological site you can see the famous “Red beach”.


There are marked trails that you can do. From the town of Fira you can reach The Firostefani centers and Imerovigli and, in about two hours of walking, you can also reach the beautiful village of Oia.

Take some time and enjoy the landscape!

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Thanks for your time!

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  1. James Diegel

    Great follow up Sardart. And yes, I would agree with all that you mentioned – although I did not realize the history behind the cats there 😉 Great photos too – brings back memories from my brief stay there. A couple churches I even ventured into and was just blown away by the decorative artistic pieces – interesting contrast to the simplicity outside. And ah yes, the city on the inner ancient caldera – one of the most fascinating things I have ever seen, not to mention when the sun goes down and the music starts playing with all its mingling echos in the evening sea breeze. Thanks for opening the doors to these memories Sardart – its been too long indeed 😉