Each individual of a family contributes to the overall love in a family and the closeness a family feels. Like a well-oiled machine with various components, if love is expressed by each family member, it makes a household run smoothly with very little problems.

The husband/father usually is the masculine one who provides love in the form of discipline and sternness. Fathers have a major responsibility in making sure that the family is cared for in a physical sense thus expressing their love in this way. Fathers may struggle to show love in an emotional sense, this is where a wife/mother’s love comes in.

Mother’s also contribute to the closeness and love in a family. When it comes to caring for children and making sure that their emotional needs are met. Mothers are the ones that express this love by their deeds and kind sincere words. Mothers are also the ones who support the family especially when difficulties and tension arises.

Children also play their part in adding to love in the family. From the cute and cheerfulness, they possess as infants to the loving and entertaining comments that they sometimes make. When they are older and have been raised by responsible parents, they express this by their willingness to do chores and help where they can. This also contributes to the overall love in the household.

Extended family also have a bearing on the love in a family. When children have cousins that they can socialize with and relate to, it has a big impact on their lives. It also allows them to show love and learn how to correctly interact with others usually their age.

Uncles and aunties also help in making the bond of love more imminent. When visiting uncles and aunties, children get to see different house rules and how discipline is administered, which changes their perspective on how love is expressed.

It’s plain to see that love is certainly a quality that each member of the family can express in their own way, which will ultimately contribute to the unity and the togetherness that a family experiences.

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