Yes, I know, you would say – it is common sense. But really, is it? Just be honest. How much time do we actually have to think for ourselves? What is the best for us? What do we really want to do and achieve in our lives? What is most important in our lives? And what is our goal and purpose?

I do not want sound too philosophical here but until I quit my full time job and changed my career, I really lived day to day like a puppet. Buy this, take this, your friend recommended you this, your family says that you must do this and that. Look! New stuff on media and you must have it! Oh! New season clothing! And after long hard working day you only need that cold beer and no time to cook of course, so you get that £20 pizza! After working so hard and long hours you deserve a RELAXING holiday, however even then you will be called by the boss or answer emails as business always requires you to go above and beyond and always give extra at your expense. Oh! Did you see amazing deal on a credit card?! You earn more, congratulations! Now you can afford to borrow more! Isn’t that great? We must have that sofa-bed! You can get it on interest free credit! Did you hear that too? “Daddy, I really want that new toy like EVERYBODY has at school…” And another amazing new toy and another toy and another NEW… and Valentines, and Easter, and Mothers day, and birthday, and cannot wait for Christmas! Jingle bells, jingle bells – sounds like jingling coins in the pockets! Spending, consuming, spending… does your stomach hurt? Just take that NEW formula tablet which will take your pain away in just 15 minutes! Sounds great, 15 minutes pain? Probably, it is too long these days… Is there anyone here who tried that new diet as it was on sale just after Christmas and New Year? So unexpected, just after Christmas! Did you try that new amazing air freshener for the house which will make your room smell like standing on the top of the Alps of Europe!?

Environment and Mental Wealth 

It is not all that bad, new innovations, technology, chemicals, medicine, economy, education… really improved our day to day living, the world really is a better place than years ago. However, I believe that everyday we have an opportunity to improve, learn something new, master physical and mental state and care for the environment around us. Most of us just really do not have enough time and do not have an opportunity to do that as we are stuck in our environment. When I talk about environment I mean from top down: continent, country, city, family, religion, government, job, community, media, especially social media, friends, businesses, climate… many of us do not move forward because of the fear the environment created in us. These fears can be even very confusing, damaging and can mess with our brains, like knowing what is good or bad. But we all know deeply inside our hearts what is the good thing to do and not.

I am living in a country with a strong economy and we have that feeling of being physically safe, so much lower actual physical abuse expected than for example Yemen or Syria, but I am noticing that there is another type of abuse people use, wanting to have some sort of power over other people – psychological. You know, he is THE CLIENT, so he can scream and shout at you! And you will be told, “Oh, do not take it personal, it is just a job! He was not in the mood.” And if you will get upset about out it, as you actually experienced psychological abuse at workplace, you will be put on the spot, as someone that was not able to perform under pressure! THE CLIENT, the abuser, is always RIGHT! So, my friend, if you are on the client side, like even doing grocery shopping, please think for yourself, as we all change roles time to time.

Even having food, where to live, job, money, no war and so on, we still have a fear of being judged, laughed at, being excluded, being different and just feeling bad by not being like everybody else, or feeling bad by being us. This is also  down to social media, friends, family, community, religion as they all impact how we feel about others and ourselves. Social media especially has a big impact on our emotions, so we feel not good enough, not achieving, not looking good enough and so on. By being like that we also start judging others and living like everybody. And here it is comes – mental illness. We are starting to be a KIND OF celebrity world nation. Did you see that post from US President TRUMP – “Sanctions are coming?” This is what I am talking about. Of course, there will be people who ALWAYS, but I mean ALWAYS, knows what is the best for you and they will be very keen to prove it to you. Do me a favour, my friend, run, do not look back, just run from them…

It is just few examples how environment affects us and messes with our brains. I believe that if a person was not born with mental illness, he/she developed that through their environment. I also believe that there are so many hero’s around us who honestly try to improve lives in many different ways but usually are not being heard or recognised. They are not on TV or social media, so…

Thinking for Yourself

We hear a lot on media that our life is for us to choose how we want to live. “Life is in your hands!” Fingers up, V sign! Yes, partially true, but tell that to the kid who lives in India, family of the lowest caste environment, can that child make changes at that point in his life? I think that people behave the way they were raised by the family and environment they there born in and the guidance they had from community and religion. What thinking this kid will have? His own or others?

If you have a chance, please travel around the world, read, see different places, meet people, explore cultures, try foods, always learn, listen, be open, do not judge and be in check with mother nature. This is how the person can develop, improve, choose a life he/she wants to live, make life goals, find purpose, make change and start thinking for his/her self.

A Small Change Every Day

We all want to live happy, fulfilling lives, be around loving, caring, helpful people and beautiful nature but we often forget that the real change must happen within ourselves. The environment we live in won’t change if we won’t. So, do not feel hopeless, useless, unimportant, small but just make one small change everyday. Every decision you make in your day to day life, like how much time you spend on social media, what type of food you buy, how many shoes you have, how many hours you work, the car you drive and how far, hobbies, any products you use, people you choose to be around, holidays – it is ALL VERY IMPORTANT. Really!? Do you really need that extra biscuit before you go to sleep? Come on!

I am the individual who gets really excited when I find, read or explore something new and I just want to share with the world my insights and opinion as it might help others with their lives. I truly believe that people are created to serve each other and other beings and I know how it can sound… I do not want you to go and work at the nursery straight away or give yourself to the tiger tiger in the jungle as he might be hungry or just be a puppet to serve others. I just want you to think for yourself.  By you doing any type of job, you participate in the economy, so you serve people, and do not think of any job as unimportant as any improvement you make in your job can have a positive impact on the people you serve and next time you throw away the plastic bottle in the park, remember, someone will have to pick it up, if not, you will harm the nature and other beings. Working towards only your own good and destroying others good, it is not the way we want to live. So, every small change we make, can make a very big impact in the future. I want to encourage all of us to share experience, good or bad, be creative and loving. And if anyone disagrees with me – no judging, it is your choice to think for yourself, but at least do no harm to others in any way and the world will be a much much better place.

I am financial trader and self improvement blogger. I am not such an expert in any way, apart from economics and financial analysis, however I have made changes in my life which had a positive impact for my mental and physical health. So, I will be blogging topics which I researched, read about and experienced myself, my thoughts about people, health, food, medicines, stress, exercise, chemicals, environment and so on.  At the end of the day, my friend, it is for you to think for yourself.

I am far far away from being perfect, so welcome on board! Think for yourself!

*I will be running my first 10k marathon on the 27th of May 2019 in London. I will be running for a charity – Rethink Mental Illness. Please visit my fundraising page to see my full story. Thank you very much for all your donations. It will also such a nice present for myself as my birthday is on the 28th of May.  

*Essential oils are a part of my day to day life. I will be blogging about them in the future. If you are interested please follow my link. I only recommend items I truly believe in. At the end of the day, it is for you to think for yourself. 

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  1. CryptosDecrypted

    Entertaining a thought while at the same time not accepting it is always a balancing act. As a species, we yearn for certainty/resolution and to be led. Each thought/idea/concept we are receptive to, all too easily becomes a bedrock of our belief system. Cheers, @justinacesonyte, and thanks for the post.