Everything in life is all in images

Look at any artist, the eventual turn out of their piece are always a predetermined picture in their minds. They see it, they paint it.

Being in a disadvantaged position in life will totally not be about your charisma or temperament but how convinced you are of the image you have painted in your head.

Images are powerful

An unaltered picture of you will remain the same, just as you have posed before the picture was taken and that is exactly how life is in reality.

If you see wealth in your thinking and you are constantly in tune with the reality of that picture you have at heart, you will eventually turn b out playing the role you have see in your imagination

You cannot think like an eagle and have your wings buried under your armpit, you most likely will fly someday.

Thinking is the beauty of life and it is even more interesting to know that we now are at liberty to paint the image as we want it to turn out.

Everyone deserves a shot to life and needs a chance at the top. It can only get better.

Thinkers are builders, especially when action is backing up every thought.

We are a people whose goals and dreams align with conventions if not properly guarded and monitored.

The better part of the time, we run towards acceptance from people rather than hold unto convictions of who we truly are.

Some of you are already saying your thinking is a bit awkward and you really don’t think it is something. Let me burst your bubble, the basic requirement for having it and making it happen in the first place is that, it doesn’t make sense. If it makes sense to people, then it’s not new and you will also turn out to become part of the routine that people are used to.

Your encouragement should never be in what people want but what you want to achieve.

Life is dynamic, don’t play static of a dream that is not motionless.

The only requirement to achieving your goal in life is the question of “What do you see in your mind?”

If you can see it, you can be it.

Success is not magic, you can work it out just the way you want to pattern it.

There is no conventional rule to making it in life. If it becomes conventional, then it is boring and will put you in a hole.

Stay in your place

Tell your mind what to do

Act out what your mind though out.

If you can think it, you can be it.

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