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The new application released on September 22, 2016, by What’s Around, has received a lot of public attention. Not only on applications that provide vouchers for those who managed to collect lots of coins. But there are also features that are provided.

One that gets public attention about the Whats Around application is on a map that can connect directly with users. Where without having to follow each other you can interact and can get up to hundreds without the need to find followers like Instagram.

This little application similar to Instagram is considered an app that is suitable for selling online. One of the Whats Around users mentioned the advantages of the platform.

“At first I just tried it, follow it because there can be melted through Paypal on every coin we collect when it reaches a certain limit.”

“Because I was busy and did not have time to add friends or follow other people. But every photo that I shot is always up to hundreds. Then I try to publish my merchandise on What’s Around. Eh, it turns out after 2 days someone ordered 2 after I saw it turned out that the photo had indeed reached 700 upvotes and Bookmark. ” Obviously Bunga does not want to be named by her real name.

He also admitted that he still sells products on What’s Around. Because he is sure people will buy one another.

For those who have not registered the Whats Around application, immediately register a friend. Besides being able to melt coins Whats Around you can also sell as flowers. Well, those who have not registered please register here. After registering, don’t forget to download the application.

Register And Download This APP

*)Amriadi Al Masjidiy is the founder of and is a writer on several blockchain social media such as Steemit, Trybe, Weku, Whaleshares, Gese and others. For more information about it, please follow @amriadits

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