It getting in to winter where I live, but that is not cold enough compared to the chills I get every morning when I look at the coin market cap dreaded spiral wave of shame. Yap, that red sometimes orange creepy creature that tempers our psych every time market takes a dive. And Dear oh! Dear! Has it not be so consistent??

At 100$ apiece, BTC would be a perfect catalyst for mass Crypto adoption.

Bitcoin, should drop to a 100$, if I could; I would force it there. If that could happen, CRYPTO will immediately gain mass adoption and overtake the FAIT world. At 100$ 80% of the world finance would join. It would not be risky at that level, for an entry point. The only risk would be in not joining or getting a piece of it. We would all be comfortable betting on crypto. Given the growth BTC had achieved, it would seemingly be easy to not buy in.

LOCK down mode.

Do you know that nearly everyone who joined crypto last year, are all counting losses, BIG time! That what CoinGecko review says , and I believe them. 2019 is for new comers. Not likely those who invested in last year ICOs /crypto would want to try again. They are all at a LOCK down mode, cannot trade away their investments, it would be a mega % loss. So a cheaper BTC is key to a long term Crypto stability. Simply said, we know and have seen what BTC can do and the kind of growth can spur over time, so that part of the CRYPTO is clear in everyone’s mind. Now many want come it, but at lower entry point. So 100$ a piece, BTC would be a perfect catalyst for Crypto adoption.

Am sure we will all climb up from the DEEP 2017 has been, but it would be great if we go deeper and get everybody in .

Can read more on this  interesting Q3  CoinGecko official report here 

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  1. Infosion

    I’m with you, wouldn’t mind this also. Very true that lots of people have so to say “locked up” up their stuff and it needs new peoples interest into this. Also very nice the Q3 report from coingecko. Lot’s of interesting stuff in it!
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts also!