Welcome to another episode into the future — again with WORBLI. This is a presentation of how I think the WORBLI Killer App should look like! This app could be used by anyone on their smartphone, doesn’t matter if they are new to crypto or not. Of course there are many ways such an app could look like, especially when it comes to the details.

This is the start of the app. You have three options: Transfer FIAT to crypto currency, use the crypto currency you already own or skip directly to the last DApp you used.

After a touch on “Use Crpyto Currency” you see a screen where you have to choose now from your available assets of crypto currency:

I think it helps a lot to make this screen as simple as possible. Don’t show too much! I think it’s enough to put the short name of a coin and the value of Dollar next to it. Everything else the user wants to be displayed in addition he has to configure for himself. By that way the users who are new are not so confused and the ones who are interested in for example the amount of coins they have from different assets can add this info easily in their options.

After you choose the crypto to use, the next screen would look like this (We choose EOS in this example):

Here you can choose now what to do with your coins, in this example EOS. Because EOS offers a variety of options you can use your coin with, they are all listed here. For a lot of current coins this field would be probably reduced to only “Play / Transaction”, “Trade” and in some cases “Mining”. Maybe it also makes sense to list “Staking” there instead of another point or something similar.

With a touch at “Play Games” the next screen would look like this:

A touch on a game (for example “EOS Knights”) opens the game and the players is then already logged in (like we know from Scatter on EOS for example).

To have a view of another option that goes down one step more “in depth” we look what would happen if you touch on the “Use EOS” screen on gamble:

At first, you see only the categorization of the different options you have for gambling on EOS. Here are not any special DApps to see so far. If you now touch for example “Casino Games” another view will open whee you can select the Casino Game you want to play on:

Of course this example can also be related to much other topics. For instance there may be coming a lot of more gaming DApps very soon. It’s better for the user experience to categorize something before it gets to overwhelming and chaotic to scroll through.

By the way the graphical user interface (GUI) of course looks very simple and could use a design upgrade 🙂

The questions like “What would you like to do with …?” may seem trivial and not really needed for people already familiar with cryptos. But it makes it extra clear for new – uninformed people what they are doing in every single step of the app.

I think if an app is going to be like I visualized it should be in most of the points very customizable and flexible. But also with a “thoughtful input” that is already there. So the input which is already there should (obviously) make sense. For example, you should probably show the currently most used and up voted DAPPs.

However, the user can decide what he wants: If he for example only wants ETH DApps to be shown he can customize this manually. But as a presetting it would probably make sense for most people to see the DApps who are rated the best. For example EOS with EOS Knights for Games or EOS.WIN, BetDice for Casino Games. Also, of course DApps from other currencies like for instance NEO with CryptoSnake.

I now only did this for the gambling and gaming topic in some detail. Everyone can make your own thoughts what would be nice to have in such an app and how to present it in which order.

The app also think abut presenting suggestions of new DApps for the user, depending on what kind of DApps he uses. Maybe the BAT coin or similar projects could help with targeted advertising which doesn’t hurt privacy rights in this context.

Also, there are a few additional functions I would like to see in this app. This could be

– Save data forever securely on the blockchain

– Pay somewhere else (on the go?) with WORBLI in FIAT, but use your crypto at WORBLI to pay for this FIAT money

– A possibility to talk (like to Siri on apple for example) to WORBLI and just say what you need or want to do & perfectly if it then does exactly that 🙂 (For example: “WORBLI, are there any new DApps for Fighting games planned on EOS or NEO?”, “How is my staking going?”, “Do you have an advise to optimize my portfolio diversification?”)

– At last I would love to see something like a AI that works together with WORBLI to solve the answers to the question from the pint above and being able to solve them correctly — but well yeah, all of that is kind of hard to expect in the near future I guess 🙂

You could go in detail on different topics, how they could be displayed and what’s the pros and cons to it… but I hope you now get the basic concept of this app. I just looked at two special topics of DApps from EOS and made examples how to present them. But as you can imagine even today and especially in the upcoming days there will be much more that makes sense to present to all different people who are at some point interested in the blockchain. This could be an app for “early adopters” who like to follow the way of development and see everything evolving. Or also for people who are even unaware of using the blockchain through this WORBLI app — but just like to look for new apps, technology and “better stuff” on their smartphones and come with interest from that point of view.

I hope this helps in any way to maybe give a push in the right direction for a project like this.

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  1. Paulius Gutauskas

    The app of all appsfirst half definitely possible in the near future, but I think it would be an awesome app not necessarily on worbli as it would be rerouting to other blockchains and daps on them, cross dapp communicationyou would need to connect all the addresses of other chains, so not very user friendly in my mind, but great look to the future of technology and I hope someone can make this work. Focusing on eos.io daps would make it more feasible, but why stop there hey?

    1. Infosion Post author

      Yeah true, it’s always easier to plan something than to really get it done =)
      But yes, I think you’re right to put the focus at first on mainly EOS DApps will be probably make the most sense right now.

      1. Paulius Gutauskas

        Sure, but it is a very important part of innovation, if no one had big ideas nothing would get done, so good job. Even writing it up helps you and the rest of us readers make a clear picture of the potential in the future! Good job!