Good evening my dear friends let’s ready for a Crypto mania and happy weekends. Life is going to be crazy after few days as the time of most important news and in my opinion the time of good news is going to come let me correct my comments I am just making these comments according to my guess only and want to make you little bit happy.

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Friends although in my views this is the time for last dip which can be very worst and full of panic but undoubtedly it will convert into a buying opportunity as I am personally waiting for a dip and a beautiful buying opportunity so I can bag some good gems which will convert into a diamond by few months and I will encase my profits. Friends I am aware that we are so sad and patiently waiting for better prices for not only our Crypto holding but for our some coins like STEEM & WLS and EOS values and post rewards some friends are so sad and claiming that Steem will not cross it’s Last high so friends let me clear as you know I am not a Crypto expert but in my view Steem price will cross $20 and EOS will cross $50 by 2019 end to mid 2020 and it will cross this rate and can be cross some more benchmarks but I am hopeful for this price in next one year.

Cryptocurrencies are the only asset class which will make you Billionaire and friends just imagine the scenario of 2025 and also review the scenario of 2013 it will help you why I am saying that this can make you billionaire so don’t worry about the market news and pessimism and FUD spread by some motivated guys, Crypto will be forever and it’s an opportunity to reduce and eliminate the dominance of dollar and poverty from the world.

Standard Disclaimer : I am not a expert of investment, I made these claims according to my wisdom on this sector and I gained from the experience.

Find it in Steem.

Thank you, dear friends, for your Love and support.

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