A many years ago i saw a webcomic about a black cat, and i saved one piece to my pc. That picture (the first one, with the tank; unfortunately, right now it is “sourceless”, due the missing of creator) survived the years (and moving from a hdd to a new hdd, often), and i recently remembered, with a recast, it can be a tale of crypto. Since then that comic is does not exist anymore, or im just a lame to found it, but i made some new episode, all of them were published on steemit, and here, one piece at time, but right now, i make a collection, with a few details about the comics. Enjoy!

There are some experts, from “ancien regime”, and as we can see, they have no clue, what is the crypto at all.

The cryptoverse need relax and patient.

And there is some delusions too…

If you want to talk about the crypto, and just realized, the other person want to be a fool, and you have no idea, how to stop the conversation.

We know, in the global crypto-community, not everyone are honest.

And not this is the worst, someone just doesnt think about, whats mean the things.

The big boys want to play a game. For money.

If you saw the 300 movie, you know, the biggest resistant can fall too.

And next to the visible “enemies”, some hiding manipulation also exist.

And they have some powerful assets, for example the media.

Some developer cant realize, how the average peoples works.

And other developers think, all are bright, with the words “blockchain” and “decentralization”. But this is not enough.

We can read really big words in the most of whitepapers.

We saw a few exit-scam, and there was the signs.

The VeChain project is one of my favourites. The main net launch was in spring, and their wallet is cool. And the Thor token…

One of the google-founders is sad, because the company missed the first big bullrun in crypto. But the company still have more money like the average countries have. Really sad…

The investors doesnt care about the bear-market. But today they have some issues yet, i guess.

If your world is not enough for the happiness…

This was my 300. post on steemit, and the media was loud about the coming bitcoin-etf.

Since few months, one of the oldest steemian has started the banana-program, what can help to engaging new peoples. There was a mass amount of memes, jokes, contests, and nonsense things, but it was fun.

…and the 21. episode will come, but i dont know, when πŸ˜‰

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    1. Nicholas Post author

      300 posts, articles and comments total sum πŸ˜€ Is not so much, actually i have dunno, 150-200 posts and 2000 comments, in the last six months. Its definitely not much, and im definitely not rich πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€