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After the first signs of recovery, the idea is divided by the current withdrawal in the market. Some say it is just a dead cat jump, while others think it is the beginning of a basic building process that will lead to a new rise. Crypto-focused investment company BlockTower Capital’s Michael Bucella, CNBC’e began to invest in the smartest money, he said.

Ric Edelman, the founder and chairman of Edelman Financial Services for investors who believe in the long-term story of crypto money, believes this is a good time. To start buying bitcoin.

Investors who believe in crypto money see periods of extreme decline as an opportunity. Investment and investment rates are reorganized in the fall period. The rate of crypto money in an investor’s portfolio may change during such periods. Now let’s look at three important jets from these crypto coins.


As a result of a mine fight, BTC lost power by half.

There is a small support line on the small upswing and the lower limit is $ 3,620.26. It is likely that a low-rate drop in the year-end is likely to sell more as the BTC / USD parity is pulled down to $ 3,000. This is an important level to keep: a consequence may fall to $ 2,410.

However, we expect a region of $ 3,500-3000 to wait. For this reason, long-term investors can keep their positions. If we find out that the bears are below $ 3,500, we’ll close the situation.

If the price leaves the current level, it can be up to $ 4,712,89 and up to $ 5,050.4. As the virtual currency rises to the north, we can add more positions.


Ripple triggered our recommended purchase level on November 28, but did not exceed $ 0.4. At this time, the price has fallen and the November 25 may re-test the intra-day lows.

Downstream 20-day EMA and under 40 RSI will continue to attract dealers. A break below the support line of the descending channel may drop to $ 0.24508. However, if the support holds, we expect to return to the top of the range. Traders who have taken a position from our recommendation may have a stop loss of $ 0.3. The positions can be closed when the XRP / USD pair is below $ 0.3.


The ETH surprisingly forced the 100 USD band. The recovery in Ethereum jumped from $ 127.87. It remains on the downtrend, but has been trading in the range of $ 130.5- $ 102.2 for the past seven days.

Interruption of the range may be faced with a small resistance in the 20-day EMA, but we expect this to be exceeded. The ETH / USD pair will face hard resistance at $ 167.32 and will be in the 50-day SMA if this level is exceeded. Traders recommend that a signal be reversed before signaling long signals.


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