There are as many as 227 Greek islands in the Aegean Sea east of the Mediterranean. Divided into at least seven archipelagos, these islands are visited every year by millions of people: their particular scenic beauty, the testimonies of their culture, the rich traditions and the worldly life makes them a truly unique tourist destination. Like no other!

Mykonos belongs to the Cyclades islands that are called in this way as they are arranged in a circle around the island of Delos, the ancient sacred island that in 1990 was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its priceless archaeological heritage.

The island of Mykonos has an area of 86 square kilometers and has a predominantly flat course. The highest part does not exceed 400 meters above sea level. Its inhabitants are about 10,000 but in summer due to the flow of tourists it also reaches 80,000 visitors. The two main (and only) localities are the Chora (with this Greek term that indicates the old town of the city) on the sea and, within the island, the small town of Ano Mera.

Since the 1960s, this island has invested heavily in the tourism industry and the island of Mykonos in the Mediterranean has become one of the most frequented by VIPs and the international jet-set and, due to its famous “movida” is considered like Ibiza, one of the islands preferred by young people.

But a curious tourist can always find elements of interest and pleasure on this island, which, however, always retains a special charm and deserves to be visited for a few days, possibly avoiding the summer when it is literally stormed by vacationers of all the world.

These are some of my suggestions and suggestions.

Hora or Chora. This is the name of the historic center of the island’s main town. Very well preserved and cared for this center of Mykonos has a labyrinthine conformation formed by a maze of alleyways where to get lost or shelter from the deadly wind of meltemi. The entire historic center of Chora is naturally excluded from vehicular traffic. Its houses are simple, in typical Cycladic style, generally on two floors, and strictly white with blue or red painted frames and on the ground floor are often used to accommodate businesses, bars, shops. The streets of the historic center are very narrow but take advantage of every corner and space to get comfortable seats to stop, have a drink or simply watch the tourists go by. At each corner there are the characteristic Greek churches with the typical domes mostly painted in red.

There are so many churches all over the island of Mykonos and, with their characteristic shape, strongly influence the landscape. In the center of the Chora the most famous is the fantastic Paraportiani church, undoubtedly the most photographed because of its particular architectural structure.

The Chora is located around the Old Port and also has a small beach and a quaint little church near the sea. The colorful fishing boats are a contrast to the cruise ships that are seen on the horizon moored offshore and that pour thousands of tourists every day on the small town. A tourism that brings a lot of people and that, during the high season, make it almost impossible to walk in the narrow streets of this small town.

My first suggestion is this: avoid the summer period!

Go on…….

Mykonos Island, a friendly place where you feel at home and relaxation is always assured.

My story on Mykons and the many things to see, even in a few days, continues!

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