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Mykonos is perhaps the most famous of the Greek islands and, due to its intense social life, is associated with the Spanish island of Ibizia or the island of Capri in the Gulf of Naples in Italy. And everyone agrees that, among the Greek islands, Mykonos is considered the most expensive, the most exclusive and refined.

But you can find many interesting things in this famous island: traditional architecture, gastronomy, archeology, sun, nature, shopping and a lot, so much social life at all hours of the day!

Let’s see some keywords of this beautiful and famous island and some things to see, do or photograph absolutely even during a short vacation of a few days.


There are about 600 churches and chapels on the island of Mykonos.

This particularity can also be seen on the island of Santorini where many churches and chapels dominate the urban and rural landscape.

But perhaps in Mykonos they are even more numerous: a truly extraordinary quantity and there is no part of your visual horizon that does not meet one. Isolated or between the houses of the inhabited center of Chora or in the houses scattered in the barren countryside of the island these small buildings always capture your attention.

Their shape is always very simple, they usually consist of a single rectangular room which is accessed from the simple portal placed at the center of the façade. The simple façade can be enriched by a window and a small bell gable supporting a cross and bells. All strictly white is characterized by the beautiful dome cover often finished in red color, unlike the churches of Santorini, which have more frequently the dome finished with a beautiful deep blue color.

They are not monumental churches of course. They are mostly private votive chapels, which according to a customary tradition of the Greek islands, were built by the families of sailors and fishermen who thus ensured a divine protection to their dangerous profession. Or they were built as a sign of gratitude for an escaped danger!

Contrary to Santorini with great pleasure I found these chapels often open in the center of Mykonos Chora. Inside are the sacred furnishings (icons, candlesticks, chairs) that are typical of the Byzantine tradition. beautiful!

Among the churches of Mikonos the one that has a monumental aspect is the famous Paraportiani church located in the Mykonos Necropolis in the district called Kastro near the old port. Very peculiar for its strange irregular and composite shape as it is an aggregate set of 5 churches located at different levels. Its very particular shape is enhanced by the warm colors of the sunset and is the background to this that is considered a true icon of the island. All tourists do not miss out on the selfie ritual with the legendary church of Paraportiani!

Along with the spectacular flowering of bougainvillea in the historic center of Mykonos, the numerous basil pots that each shop or tavern exhibits are displayed in simple or elaborate and colorful vases, even for its unmistakable fragrance.

I must say that I was very surprised by this fact: basil in every corner of the city! In Mykonos there must be a very special capacity for the cultivation of the basil that grows with great generosity on this Island of sun and wind. I could observe, inside the courtyard of a small church near the “Little Venice”, a specimen of basil more than two meters high. Impressive! I must say that when I travel I like to bring something alive to live on my terrace and then the Mykonos basil was among my souvenirs! In fact I managed to find seeds in the only souvenir shop in Ano Mera and in April I plan to sow it on my terrace.

Ano Mera

Inside the island is the second town of the island, the small town of Ano Mera that deserves a visit because of its beautiful Monastery of Panaghia Torliani  built in 1542. In addition to escape from the vitality of the Chora of Mykonos in search of some characteristic and genuine elements of this island is a good idea. Ano Mera can be reached comfortably from Chora thanks to the bus service that is located near the Old Port. After a journey of about half an hour you are in this almost surreal center because of its calm and its silence. Around the main square there are many taverns that welcome tourists who go to Ano Mera especially to visit the monastery.

My suggestion is also to take a walk to the sea: after a few minutes and not far from the village you can observe pieces of local landscape, typical houses and the beautiful little cemetery. A place of absolute silence and well cared for the memory of the dead of this small town.

The story continues…….

All photos are mine.

Thanks for your time!

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