Mykonos belongs to the Cyclades islands that are called in this way as they are arranged in a circle around the island of Delos, the ancient sacred island that in 1990 was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its priceless archaeological heritage.

In these Greek islands, different peoples and cultures, such as those of the Romans, Turks, Venetians, English, Italians, have left the signs of their passage and many testimonies in the monuments, in archeology and in the cities. But today it is tourism that strongly conditions its appearance and not always in a positive way. An impressive tourist development especially on the coast has left many marks on its landscape and, in some cases, produced a homologating tourist offer.

Since the 1960s, Mykonos has invested heavily in the tourism industry and the island has become one of the most frequented by VIPs and the international jet-setters and is considered to be the same as Ibiza, one of the islands preferred by young people.

But the Greek islands always retain their charm and deserve to be visited even for a few days.

The proverbial kindness and friendliness of the Greeks, always very hospitable and helpful, adds value to your holiday.

Still some of my suggestions and suggestions.


Mykonos owes its reputation as a popular tourist destination especially by young people because of its very popular and lively beaches. Kalafati, Elias, Lia, Agrari, Paradise and Super Paradise, Fraghia these are the most famous beaches of the island of Mykonos that are easily accessible from the center of the Hora thanks to a very efficient public transport system. All have services on the beach (bars, umbrellas and deckchairs to be hired and occupy a good part of the beach. Many of these beaches are a real paradise for surfers and for those who want to practice water sports practically for a long season , from spring to autumn.

Some beaches, like Super Paradise, organize Rave parties on the beach very popular with young people. In short, if you want relaxation and tranquility make sure you do not miss the beach because you could find yourself in a real open-air disco!

From an environmental point of view I was impressed by the huge specimens of tamarisk plants that are right on the seashore! Really fantastic.


Mikonos is a very famous place for those who love shopping. In the Chora, the historical center of Mikonos, the shops are many and tourists invade the narrow streets in search of the classic souvenirs (the eye of Santa Lucia, for example, is proposed in different objects) or some particular object that can be found in the shops of very interesting and refined designers.

But there are also the finest and most expensive and fashion brands, naturally alongside the craft shops or specializing in local products. In short, in the Chora there are objects for all tastes and all budgets. I must say that the offer of these objects is never trivial and, considering the numerous luxury shops present, the comparison with the island of Capri is immediate. A very beautiful and special feature of these narrow shopping streets is the presence of many comfortable masonry seats where you can stop to watch the coming and going of people sipping a drink.

Relaxation is a very important element in this beautiful island.


The presence of strong winds (the meltemi is the most common wind of this island) has favored, in the 17-19 century, the construction of imposing mills used for the processing of wheat that was sold in the nearby islands and ships that they crossed the Aegean Sea. Distributed throughout the island these mills are imposed for their presence on the landscape of Mikonos and it is spectacular the alignment of six mills that is located in the promontory east of the Chora.

An ideal place and very popular with tourists who want to have a nice picture, maybe during the sunset. Today these mills, no longer functional to the original activity as they have been technologically surpassed, have been restored and have become a real cult place on the island of Mykonos. Still a very important symbol for this windy city.


I have never seen so beautiful specimens of bougainvillea like in Mykonos! The narrow streets of the old town, are a beautiful white background for these spectacular shrubs that climb the facades of houses and shops creating colorful paintings. In every corner there is always a bougainvillea that refines and cheers the entrance of a shop or a house.

Impossible not to admire them and not photograph them!

Thanks for your time. All photos are mine!

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