Since the 1960s, this island has invested heavily in the tourism industry and for this reason the island of Mykonos, in the Mediterranean, has become one of the most frequented places for VIPs and the international jet-set. The air connections with the main European cities, especially in spring and summer, ensure a flow of travelers really important especially in the most famous islands such as Santorini, Rhodi, Delos, Mykonos, Crete.

Although there are many clichés on the Greek island of Mykonos, a curious tourist can always find elements of interest and pleasure on this island that always has a special charm and deserves to be visited even for a few days, possibly avoiding the summer when it is literally stormed by vacationers from all over the world.

These are some of my suggestions and suggestions. Other suggestions can be found in the posts I have already done in recent days.

Little Venetia.

In the old center of Mykonos, the Chora, the picturesque neighborhood of Alefkandra has been renamed * Little Venice * because of its houses overlooking the sea. The colorful houses of the ancient pirates of Mikonos actually form a very special picture. These traditional buildings have recently been transformed mainly into commercial premises, bars and restaurants where you can have a drink, eat and chat in complete relaxation. But in these small venues, you come in the evening especially to enjoy a beautiful sunset over the sea with a view of the promontory where the characteristic Mykonos mills are located. The district of Little Venice, like the rest of the historic center of Mykonos, is a maze of narrow streets full of shops to the delight of the many tourists who visit this island.

The heroine Mando Mavrogenous. 

In the small square of the Chora the monument with the bust of this woman will surely attract your attention. Find another bust of his near the mills. But who was actually Mando Mavrogenous? A little bit of history helps us.

The island of Mikonos made its active contribution to the war of liberation against the Turks who had invaded Greece and the inhabitants of Mykons, skilled navigators and feared pirates, provided many warships. In 1822 the inhabitants of Mykonos, led by this extraordinary and courageous woman, repelled an attempt by the Turks to recover the city. The revolutionary Mando Mavrogenous, a very wealthy woman who used her economic resources for the freedom of Greece, has since been considered a local heroine. Mando Mavrogenou was born in Trieste, with an Enlightenment education and belonging to a rich family of Greek origin, he moved to the island of Paros where he financed and directed several expeditions against the Turks. Soon the Mando Mavrogenou became very famous in Europe for its beauty and its courage. Throughout Greece there are many streets and squares that have been named after this heroic woman who took the liberty of Greece to heart.


Meltemi is a whipping, dry and sometimes very strong wind that, if you come to Mykonos, can change your plans. The inhabitants of the local island call it friendly “air conditioning” natural for the fact that it mitigates the hot temperatures especially in summer. The meltemi, is a wind that when it blows strongly conditions all the ferry traffic departing and arriving from Mykonos. This dry and very well known wind in the Aegean blows from the month of June to September. I must say that I had not taken into account this meteorological variable which, during my brief stay, has conditioned my excursions. In fact, when the Meltemi blows strongly, no ferry leaves for a visit to Delos, the island that preserves an important archaeological site declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Also due to the presence of this wind Mykonos is considered a paradise for those who want to windsurf, sail, or kitesurfing.

Eat by the sea!


In Mikonos it is very popular for tourists to eat practically by the sea. In the eastern part of the Old Port there are several taverns and restaurants that have their tables right by the sea for a spectacular and romantic dinner. The sea is a source of delight to always have before your eyes. Eating at Mikonos can therefore become a joy for the eyes and for the palate. Savor typical dishes of the island such as baked lamb (kleftiko), grilled fish and fresh fried fish, the kopanisti which is the delicious local cheese, the pita with tzatziki and the sea view is fantastic and very relaxing !

I loved all this.

All photos are mine. The post also on Steemit.

Thanks for your time!

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