There are so many interesting things that can be seen in Mykonos even during a short stay of a few days. In my previous posts I told you about its historic center (called Chora), its famous beaches, basil and cats; of its numerous churches, the spectacular mills and its particular wind called meltemi; I told you about the village of Ano Mera, the district of Chora called Little Venice and the local heroine Mando Mavrogenous …. So many things can attract your attention.

But there are also other things to do and see.



The Archaeological Museum, the Maritmo Museum and the Folklore Museum are three places where you can learn more about the history and culture of the island.

The Archaeological Museum is housed in a building of the Old Port and has a recent and interesting modern setting that also includes exhibitions like the one I saw dedicated to ancient and modern jewels such as those designed by a famous local designer. It is not very large and can be visited in one or two hours. In its showcases is exhibited some ancient pottery coming from the island of Delos and, in an external courtyard, there are some statues and gravestones coming from the necropolis of Reina.

The Folklore Museum is housed in a traditional house, the home of Captain Malohuos and contains traditional tools used in fishing and agriculture, but also Byzantine icons. While the Maritmo Museum, a tribute to the traditional vocation of the island, is also housed in a beautiful traditional house located in the historic center.

The houses of Mykonos



The traditional houses of the island of Mykonos are characterized by linearity and simplicity of the volumes. If you go along some internal road of the island, you can see these white and simple buildings in the bleak island landscape. Almost always on a floor or two, with the flat roof, a simple facade without any ornamentation. Pure minimalism. Obviously they are white and the fixtures are painted blue or, in some cases, red. Those in the historic center of Chora are generally on two floors: very simple too and, of course, white with colored external stairs and blue or red fixtures.

Mykonos’s sunsets.


Admiring sunsets is considered a cult in these islands of Greece. And also Mykonos has particularly panoramic points and indicated where to enjoy this show that nature gives with great generosity. The sun that descends on the sea and colors the sky with warm colors is an unmissable sight. A terrace overlooking the sea, near the church of Paraportiani is the ideal place to set this unforgettable and suggestive moment.

The colors of Mykonos.


In the end I can not speak of what, perhaps, is the most captivating and fascinating element of Mykonos and that is its colors enhanced by the intense light of the Mediterranean. Let’s see these colors!

Blue, like its color of its sky but also of the fixtures of its houses.

The dazzling white of his houses. An all Mediterranean custom and of the houses of these Greek islands return an immaculate image of its inhabited centers.

The bright red of the windows and flowers in full bloom in every corner of the historic center.

All the colors.

All colors are fine, as long as they are bright, to brighten up a corner of these streets with colorful chairs.

Mykonos, Like no other!

Thanks for your time.

All photo are mine.

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