Seasons of love

Although for you with all my heart I loved,
now my forever burning shaming pain,
my heart an unexpected dagger shoved,
stunted minds confusion, waves of disdain.

Long Winter nights, sheltered you with my warm,
joyous moments of Spring, truly embraced,
Summers of heat and shine, our loves platform,
Autumn abrupt fall from seasons, now faced.

Togetherness a shoot for us adorned,
blooming sprouts developing as promised,
all blossoms thistles abound, never warned,
my love and care given never sufficed.

Separate paths, inevitable now,
my child’s tears but her happiness I vow.

Written for my ex-wife and Dedicated to my daughter – Mikayla



Forever Love

In and out of deceit, Love is what sort,
past living false existence and no sense.
With my true love for you I am bought,
in my life, warm feelings in your presence.

Our moments needless to exchange and fault
true love, our past no mirror forever.
Memorable days, new moments exalt,
time in a short we have grown together.

No longer to avoid our inner shade,
unspoken words, unknowing, we complete.
Inner passions true we cannot evade,
to becoming one with you is no feat.

Remain you, and I me, forever love,
for outgrowing all, we put us above.

Dedicated to Violeta – new Love in my life.


True Love

My true love for you fashioned in my ink,
our wishes granted, and sensed innermost,
our path composed now forever a link,
for us as one, in love my heart, yours host.

Passionate, our moments are creative,
together, our dreams are awakening,
for living and not existence; alive,
lonely instants no longer frightening.

Silent times in presence, reassurance,
thoughts of us apart, never, relentless,
we are meant, as one, together sharing,
our emotions and thoughts in sync, seamless.

Created in our Lords image, we shine,
this honor bestowed on us, how divine.

Dedicated to Violeta – new Love in my life.


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