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From the Colosseum, we headed to the Trevi Fountain. Fontana di Trevi in Italian is one of the most famous fountain in the world. It has become a favorite tourist destination in Rome. It is the biggest fountain in the entire city of Rome, which was built in 1732 in a Baroque style. We can hardly waited too long to get there. We wanted to prove the myth of throwing coins into this beautiful and magnificent fountain. There is a legend that if we throw a coin into the fountain with our back to the fountain – with our right hand over our left shoulder. If we succeed to do that, that is a guarantee we will return to Rome.

Our bus was heading for Fontana di Trevi, and we arrived there in about 20 minutes. It is located in the mid city of Rome, and we could also enjoy the beauty of Rome. The beauty that sometimes can only be stored in memory, in long-term memory. The detailed curves of buildings designed with high-level architectural art, which are displayed all the way to the fountain, have fascinated me in such a way. Rome is so beautiful, with perfect development, and neat layout of space. Everything is right to the eye.

Keeping me from daydream, the bus stopped at a junction. We went down here, while the bus would go to the parking area provided by the local government, specifically for buses or tourism cars. We went down, and headed for the Trevi Fountain. We were very curious about what a very famous pond looked like, we crossed the road. We were walking to enter a road, which is rather narrow, where on the left and right of the road lined with shops. They sell clothes, knick-knacks, food, ice cream, and various other items.

The road was crowded with tourists from various nations in the world. Someone just arrived, someone went home. We continued walking along the road cheerfully. After walking about 150 meters, we arrived at the famous Trevi Fountain. There have been hundreds of amazing tourists around the pool.

We walked closer to the fountain. Then, finally I could look clearly Fontana di Trevi, that time I saw fountain of this size. It’s height and width reaches about tens of meters, which are decorated with many statues. The statues, according to the stories of several tourists there that we talked to, illustrate a figurative story about taming water. That said, here was the final part of an ancient waterway that provided water supplies for the City of Rome for hundreds of years.

I was very happy to be there, with tourists from various countries, various skin colour. And I also took a moment for throwing coins. I reached into my pants pocket, found some 1 Euro coins. We were looking for a convenient location to throw a coin.

It was so crowded there, and you know, it was very difficult to have perfect location to throw coins into the fountain. But we did not give up. We tried to line up behind Japanese tourists, giving a few hints that after they threw coins, would be our turn. They smiled and nodded in agreement.

Throwing a coin here, our back must be to the Trevi Fountain, and throw it over the shoulder. Finally, it was our turn. Frankly, I was nervous. My friend throws first, and it works! Then it’s my turn. Taking a swing, with a little nervous I threw a coin over my left shoulder. The coin shot, formed an arc, swirled, then dropped into the water. Plung!

Hooray!! We’re excited. It meant one day we will return to Rome. We certainly believe in this legend, that if we manage to throw a coin into a pond, we will return to Rome. But in my opinion, the presence or absence of these legend, I still really want to return to the city of origin of AS Roma football club.

We are very satisfied. It was late at night, when we stepped away from Fontana di Trevi which was still crowded by tourists. We headed for the road we had just passed. There, we went into an ice cream shop, and tasted the delicious ice cream.

We bought some knick-knacks, scarves and hats. After everything was done, we headed for the bus that was waiting at the crossroads. Fontana di Trevi was our last destination in Rome. Tomorrow we would travel to Pisa.

Warm regard, @razackpulo

FYI, this is my original post in English. It was already published in my steem account, @razack-pulo in Bahasa. You could find Bahasa Version in this link

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      1. Candy Man

        Unfortunately I can afford myself only one trip abroad per year (both due to money and time) and there are many more destinations I would like to hit. Yeah, I would like to go there again but chances are I wont 🙁