We often hear of storms and even if it is one of the most fascinating natural phenomena together with the Tornadoes in my opinion, I must admit, however, that in recent times they are increasing more and more of the pace also increase the victims .. I heard in a news report that this year in Bangladesh there are dozens of deaths due to lightning: over the last two months more than 120 people have died during storms. Most of the victims lived in rural areas of the country, while there were no deaths in the capital, Dhaka. Unfortunately, this dramatic situation is not an exceptional phenomenon: every year in the country there are hundreds of victims due to lightning, and in 2010 even more than 1,000 deaths have occurred.


The main cause is the very strong storms that occur during this time of the year, when it passes from the dry season to that of the rains. Explains Dipen Bhattacharya, professor of physics and astronomy at Moreno Valley College, California: “The months of April, May and June are the hottest in Bangladesh and the humid air rises rapidly upward, where it meets the dry winds of the north-west, and this leads to the formation of great storm clouds “.


According to some researchers, in recent years the number of lightning has increased, and this is probably linked to a higher energy of the atmosphere due to global warming. According to a study by the University of Berkeley in 2014, in general, lightning could increase by 12 percent for each degree of warming Celsius more than the planet, and we could therefore increase up to 50 percent by the end of the century.

Lightning strikes are a serious problem that is added to the list of disasters afflicting Bangladesh and which occur as a result of violent rains, floods and landslides. Unfortunately, people do very little to avoid being hit by lightning bolts, because for most of them it is predetermined events, fate decided by fate. And this is how when they find themselves under a storm they go to shelter under a tree that often becomes their grave.

But how can one defend oneself against lightning? Here are 10 basic safety rules to follow to reduce risks when exposed to lightning storms:

  1. Do not stand upright with your legs apart outdoors: better to crouch with your feet together and your head between your knees. Avoid lying on the ground and isolate yourself from the ground with any insulating material;
  2. If you are in a group of people, spread out to avoid the propagation from the discharge between neighbors;
  3. Do not take shelter under isolated trees, especially tall ones. The dense wood is less dangerous, as long as it remains far from the low branches;
  4. Get rid of metal objects and avoid metal structures, such as piers, open canopies, telephone booths;
  5. At the sea, stay away from the boats and the beach because the umbrellas and the masts of the boats attract lightning;
  6. Avoid the pools of water but if you are already immersed, return immediately to the shore. If you are on a boat, stay crouched, avoiding contact with water;
  7. Avoiding outdoor activities in the mountains; do not light fires and do not sit near the chimneys, even if switched off;
  8. If you have the opportunity, take refuge in the car, closing the windows, avoiding touching the car doors;
  9. At home, close the windows and disconnect the electrical devices and avoid touching the radio, telephone or computer;
  10. Do not take a bath or shower, stay away from sinks, pipes and water.

Obviously I hope these tips will never help you!:)

Greetings Saifer

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