I will like to share this thought with you which I titled “TIME TO HAVE A NEW PERSPECTIVE OF LIFE” Now from a lay man understanding, perspective can be defined as what you are seeing and how you are seeing what you are seeing.

Also it can said to be ‘’ a particular attitude towards or way of regarding something; a point of view” Most times, people tend to view themselves from the way people see them rather than the way God sees them or the way they should see themselves.

Things to do in order to view things from a new perspective;

1. Always view the challenges of life differently by maintaining a positive posture all the way irrespective of what the reality is saying.


Some said “If you can pass the example then you can pass the examination proper”

That is the why the word PROBLEM in Greek language means something that propel you forward. The problem before you right now is meant to push you forward and not backward (i.e. a positive perspective)

2. Continually view discipline as a way of refocusing yourself to the right path.

When you are on the right path achieving your expected goal becomes very easy. Your failure in anything is your opportunity to know that which you need to know in order to progress.

3. Ability to handle success with caution.

Let your success benefits others because that is the only way you can stay rich, successful and relevant. Desire to be more of a contributor than a taker.

My mentor said

“Not everyone is your student because they will not all listen to you

Teach people how to fish and stop given them fish all the time.  

4. Be careful of toxic relationship.

An African adage says” show me your friend and I will tell who you are”.

Another says” A sheep that walks with a dog will end up eating poop (feces)”

If you move with the right set of people, it will surely have a lot to do with way you think and your perspective to life.

You need to see it even when no one is seeing it because your perspective helps you to achieve your goal no matter what obstacle is before you.

Have a winner mentality and you will continue to win. Then always believe you are a winner irrespective of what your environment is portraying to you. Your perspective about life has a lot to do with the kind of result you get from it.

Perspective is viewed from the following points,

a. Who is seeing it?

For example, a farmer will always pray for rain while a painter will be praying the rain should stop. Two different professionals with different perspective of the same scenario.

b. When you are seeing it (Timing).

There are things you don’t learn immediately but eventually learn later in one’s life. Therefore, whatever dream or goal you desire for your future will surely come at the appointed time in as much as you keep believing and remain expectant.

c. What you are seeing it in comparison with

i.e. you allow whatever is happening to change you own perspective about where you are going. Just keep comparing your goal with those things that will keep you focus on what you already believe in.

d. With what you are seeing it determines your perspective. i.e. what is your approach to that same situation?

e. Where you are seeing it from (Positioning).

i.e. looking at it up-down make it looks big but looking at it down-up make it small.

Even in the midst of pressure you still have to keep believing in what you have seen and not what is available to see.

Keep your perspective attached to that great future you have ahead of you and the future will be secured.

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  1. James Diegel

    Great post Optimist Oladehinde 🙂
    Personally, the greatest lesson I ever learned came to me long ago in the form of life changing words from what would become one of my life long and most dearest friends. It is a night I will never forget and it was the beginning of what would become one of very few staples in the tenants of my life. It was the night I not only learned, but came to the realization that ‘life really is all about perspective’. Although this has become ingrained into the very core of my existence, it’s an often unthought of piece of who I am some 20 years later. Thanks for reminding me of that night so very long ago – and should my friend ever stumble upon this thread – and of course to this very day, one of my best mates for helping me along the road to fully understanding and incorporating that into who I am today. I hope that with this post others will benefit in the same way – as I think it is a very positive force for becoming all that we have in our potential to be 😉

    1. Optimist Oladehinde Post author

      Waoh! Really thrilled by your response and I’m also happy that you feel the way you feel while making reference this post in relations to what happen to you long time ago.
      Such a big honor to know that this post actually brought about such an awesome memory back to you. Thank you for the compliment and encouragement to write again.