My darling Daughter, from your birth,
Till today I fight for our worth.
Inner feelings, burn from our internal girth.

Our special moments, mentally recorded,
In the end to come, we will be rewarded,
For now limited time, for us afforded.

Our happiness, your innocence when together,
Our time shared, like wind impact on a feather,
This reality, I store, I’m at my ends tether.

Sadness inflicted, mother and in-law on our relationship,
Indoctrinating your young mind with a guilt trip,
One day they will learn as consequences them grip.

Call me not daddy but my name,
Your mother unfortunately to blame,
Don’t hug or kiss me, what a shame.


In their sight you pretend no love,
Unruffled, by falsehood, that us shove,
When together there is nothing more above.

5 sad years now the time is the past,
Forever daunting over us shadows cast,
Not sure how much more pain, stress I can last.

Only six and all you want is Love and Care,
My Angel with you this, I want to share,
Sad thing is you don’t know what really is fair.

Your smiles and happiness save me, when not here,
Your love, innocence, my right direction steer,
One day for you and all the truth will be clear.

I hope for the damage there is a cure,
I endeavor as we grow in sad adventure,
For this I will never forgive for sure.

When you visit, sad to happy instantly,
Between us our relationship constantly,
Running and laughing blissfully.

I see you upset when you leave,
For this sadness I do grieve,
Without knowing, I wear my heart on my sleeve.

Legal and professionals litigate to assist,
Sexist system, I’m a male, without care all resist,
Life not without you I will ensure and insist.

Special memories and time with you lost,
Forever no, as we grow, sad to the side tossed,
For all this, thus far, a huge cost.

Money is nothing and materialistic,
Eventually the bad will become a statistic,
Importantly, for you my love is realistic.

For you I will never, ever give up,
You are my blood even once grownup,
One day you will understand what’s up.


To us and our future, I remain,
We together we shall remove the stain,
Full of hope and without pain.

We will look back and reflect,
The past, will us, no more effect,
The future for us now new to erect,
Build new memories and sadness forget.



Mikayla age 3


Mikayla age 8 going on 9

I Love you Mikayla,

your Daddy.

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  1. Paul Oluwanisola

    I can see your full heart being poured out here. Now I know why a pic of a young girl adorn your profile pic. Continue to express your fatherly love to your daughter. There is no love more assuring and pure than the love of a parent.

    1. Zeus69 Post author

      Thank you BB, its taken 5 yrs, but eventually I have done well, its been a struggle, but yes we are getting there.
      Thanks for reading, its very close to my heart.
      Mark (Zeus69)

        1. Zeus69 Post author

          I wrote this from my heart, but yes it has got better, my relationship with my daughter is fantastic now, but with ex even worse, but thats a long story. Really thank you for reading and coming back again to write.
          Mark (Zeus69)

    1. Zeus69 Post author

      My Daughter is happy, just unhappy she doesnt have a family together any longer.
      But it will get easier for her I know, as i will ensure that.
      Thank you and Regards,
      Mark (Zeus69)

    1. Zeus69 Post author

      Hey Adil, thank you my friend. I do appreciate it. And thank you for the best wishes, yeah been a struggle, poetry has helped but we are getting our relationship back on track, baby steps but getting there.
      Mark (Zeus69)