On The Moon, 2043

Because of the 25-year anniversary of WORBLI I got reminded about the old days. Most of the people nowadays are only experiencing how everything IS better today. But really, does anyone ever think back how this all STARTED back then..?

Like all of a sudden in the middle of the biggest downfall there was this brilliant invention! No wonder that Google and Facebook where desperately trying to buy it right after they started and can’t stop their downfall until today. I know this story gets old and it already starts to get written in the school books. But you gotta love how this all came about, when WORBLI created this enormously connection between the “big money world”, blockchain and “the people”. It was really so much more compared to for example the beginnings of Google or Apple. I was already alive to see this and compared to what happened after the launch of WORBLI… oh man! Compared to today standards it sounds ridiculous with the world being so connected with blockchain products all over. I still remember the times when you had to know a lot about the blockchain system and how to use it. What nowadays almost nobody knows: Before WORBLI buying a Bitcoin the first time was a real adventure for everyone!

They did not only revolutionize the way the blockchain was perceived by people but also rather took a lot of the skepticism.

This sounds crazy if you think about it today! But as people are this is really not an unusual habit people have. For example on the first moving stairways in malls back in the 1900’s they gave people alcohol because most people were so scared to use it for the first time. On the first movie theaters people were running out when there were scenes like a train coming in front of you. People just didn’t know how to react to something new. And like this it was a lot with the blockchain in the early days. Especially the “money world” was really unhappy about the development of BTC & Co because they saw their selves attacked in their field of business. So what they did was fighting BTC and focusing a lot on selective bad media very often. Unbelievable today, but that’s how the news business was back then..! A lot of news were just there because they attracted attention.

So anyway what you can say in hindsight is that it was very obvious for the problem to be solved, but no one really addressed in an adequate way. What WORBLI then did was simply fantastic. They had a lot of expertise in knowing what the financial world wants and connected this to an already existing and foresighted blockchain technology that was already used by lots of developers to that point. Most of them were already in the middle of realizing the apps and solutions on the blockchain we profit from today. We wouldn’t have Amazingzong or Blockflix if there wouldn’t have been WORBLI back in the good old days!

So I think the national holiday of 25 weeks in honor of their 25 year anniversary is still reasonable concerning what they did for the blockchain and humanity. Without them maybe the financial world and the blockchain would have never become friends and wold have ended up fighting like forever..! Well because we are humans we can’t dismiss that we have all these habits and for the better of us it’s worth ALLWAYS trying to achieve rather consensus and not fighting. WORBLI is THE best example from the last century we all witnessed for that.

So for that I already thank you WORBLI! I hope the future trend of spreading happiness, joy and positiveness for massive collaboration — for the better of everybody’s life will continue.

The next things on the agenda for WORBLI is doing the first inter universal blockchain transaction with the little red star right beside Beteigeuze (I can’t recall the name ..;)). This is an ambitious project, but I think they have the knowledge and power to do it. They already showed their skillet for that after successfully integrating the WORBLI blockchain in the Mars inhabitants environment and by that creating the first outer planetary blockchain payment solution. Still remember? It had such a huge impact that the earth’s BTC price had like another bull run after all these years of final settlement in volatility!

However, I just got a bit nostalgic, but also you have to be grateful and sometimes say thank you to things that are doing good to you. So again, I say thank you to WORBLI for having been the main influencer in blockchain development just in the right way at the right time back then!

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