Keep yourself updated with today’s flash Crypto Money News!

A new and unique way to buy XRP from a Million Dollar Bitcoin whale and flash Krypto Money News in the crypto world from Ethereum 2.0….

Keep yourself updated with today’s flash Krypto Money News

Bitcoin news

The whales this week, after the downfall of the Bitcoin and crypto money markets, are moving to raise questions about potential big players who are buying from the bottom. WhaleWatch.according to Io, this week’s biggest whale carried about 618 million worth of Bitcoin for an unknown wallet from Binance.

Ethereum news

A new interview was made with vital Butler, the founder of the Ethereum, and other developers in Devcon4 in Prague. The discussion focused on the basics of Etherium 2.0 and the improvements that will be launched in blockchain in the coming years.

Ripple and XRR news

Ripple Siam trading bank (SCB) explains how Ripple plans to use technology for the financial institution:

Fast money transfer, easier and more affordable.

Meanwhile, Fiat – XRP platform XRParrot officially started. The internet portal allows European users to convert money into crypto without using a stock market.

Bitcoin Cash news

Binance announced that Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCHABC) and Bitcoin Cash SV (BCHSV) have distributed Btcoin cash Forkini to customers. The leading crypto says that the currency exchange will open trading and both tokens will match Bitcoin and Tether.

Bitcoin Cash Blockchain reveals two rival crypto currencies

TRON news

Tron is trying to move developers to the new blockchain. The platform has published a new guide explaining how to configure daps on the network.

EOS news

Block.Serg metelin, Developer Relations Manager at one, published a new study on blockchain’s role in the data security Future. The study also highlights the Daps winner at the latest EOS Hackathon. Serg Metin says about the subject::

Among the winning projects were a device that prevented smart contracts from interacting with blacklisted actors, a ‘smart’ bank account, an application that simplifies credit control by removing third-party providers, and a device that encourages others to donate money. Genomic data is safe, anonymous way. As these ideas show, a world supported by Blockchain technology gives you a redesigned digital landscape where security and transparency are inseparable. In the short and medium term, leaks, cyber attacks and the mismanagement of data will intensify, making it more urgent to address privacy and security issues.

Binance Coin News

BnB enthusiast TarantuloTV has created a new list in Medium, which shows growing usage patterns for Binance Coin. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao is committed to marketing any project that adopts BnB.

Iota news

The IOTA Foundation recently announced five of its new team members in medium.

Dany Shaanan

Wolfgang Wellands

Luigi Vignini

William Sanders

Andreas Penzkofer

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