Note: I am trying to analyze value of a token not any purchase or investment recommendation.

Please don’t down vote because I have given low value to your interested token

This is not just for the players who are trying to bet on casinos on EOS, it is investors who are wishing to buy casino tokens and to make a better decision, why I have only choose these below 3 tokens ? these tokens are giving better fairness than other tokens, maybe some other tokens are giving fairness and good service but I have played and analyzed only these 3 tokens. if you feel, I should look for others too mention them in comments, I will try to analyze.

LUCKY Token:

for every bet of 1 EOS token you will receive 0.4 Lucky token
There is no ICO for LUCKY token
total token supply 100 Million
current Token supply 1.5 Million
Dividend model: Daily dividends and already giving, on average,  0.1 EOS is given for every 100 Lucky tokens as dividends. Already distributed 22k EOS to players/investors.

DEOS Token:

for every bet of 1 EOS token you will receive 1DEOS token
there is no ICO for token
total token supply 1500 Million tokens
Current supply is around 200 Million
Dividend Model: not yet announced.

BET Token:

for every bet of 1 EOS token you will receive 0.025 BET token
They collected pre-ICO, as funds are sufficient they are not doing any ICO now.
total token supply 88 Million
Current supply not sure, eosbet team holding more than 80% stake(it is estimated by holding maybe it is more or less than estimated)
Dividend Model: 80% of dividend goes to investors/holders of BET token holders. still didnt started yet.

LUCKY token is not doing any ICO and also team allocated only 10% of total supply of token to team and the share of there tokens will be credited to team only when a player bet on the Dapp for every 1 EOS, team will receive 0.1 LUCKY token. And dividend will be paid out to only the market supply tokens not to the locked tokens. DEOS team already airdropped 60% of there holding to EOS community, so we don’t need to bother much about there dividend model because at the end 60% of dividend will reach to EOS community even if we play on it or not.  Out of all tokens, BET token is giving 0.025 BET for every EOS user bet on it for every 40 EOS bet user will get 1 BET token that means player has the highest chance to loose more EOS token if player is betting for BET tokens. lets say if BET token is earning 0.1 Million(this is huge expectation but just for a consideration) as dividend all the token holders will receive 0.001 EOS. the risk token holders and players are taking is not really worth of it.

As per my analysis BET is highly valued compared to other token holders, and the returns are on the game are less compared to others tokens I believe.

NOTE: The analysis maybe wrong or maybe I am missing 1 or many things so please don’t consider it as investment advise. please read the whitepaper before you do your investments.

I am not encouraging anyone to play based on my analysis. if you are a player you can use my referral links below:




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