Its been awhile since i have posted as i have been busy with work and have moved for Sydney back to Perth and now im setting up a business (nothing to do with crypto unfortunately). I will still be busy for awhile so wont be posting much.  The rate EOS evolves makes it hard to keep up with unless you check every day its crazy. With that said i have been testing out Token Pocket for about a week now and will share my experience so far.

What is Token Pocket

Its a EOS mobile wallet for both Apple and Android. The wallet has many features including voting, transfers, Ram trading, inbuilt exchange, asset management, a Dapp store and market info it really is a wallet that can do everything.


Is easy just enter your privet key and set a password up.

What i like about it

Its pretty easy to use and by far the best part is the Dapp store, when you click on a Dapp in the store you are automatically connected to the Token Pocket wallet and you can use Dapps like Newdex or Betdice with ease. I also like the password for wallet setting which you can set to a swipe key instead of entering a code every time.

What i dont like

Its layout could be abit nicer and its also pretty Chinese (all the news for example) so not always in English, it is also missing EOS Knights and probably other apps im unaware of hopefully they will add them soon.

The home screen

Not a bad layout for the home screen it shows all your assets and there value in USD, you can click on any of them and see your transactions and also send and receive. The main menu is on the bottom for easy navigation the wallet is pretty straight forward just have a click around and check out the features.

Dapp Store

Layout is a abit bland but does the job. You can scroll down and see a bunch of Dapps which are organized in different categories. This screen also includes block producer info , block explorer links , tools and even dappradar. Best part is all these Dapps are linked to you Token Pocket wallet which makes it so much easier to use and check multi-pool Dapps at once.

Example Dapp from store

Here is Newdex which i accessed from the dapp store as you can see i have automatically been signed in.


Because this is a mobile wallet and Chinese i don’t really trust having my main EOS account in it( remember you need to enter you privet keys to use the wallet), but i do have an extra account i use for all things i think could be dodgy. I do actually like the wallet tho and using it for accessing Dapps, as it really is easier then scatter mobile which is terrible btw. If it had EOS Knight it would be the only mobile wallet i would use. These wallet could replace your pc if you really wanted it too.

They have some sorta invite bonus if you enter my code we both get 100 tokens, I have no idea what these tokens are for.

My invite code f2hz2q

Available HERE 

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  1. maulida

    good information, this application is useful for people who are not in front of the PC every day. accessing newdex or dexeos easily, I use it for almost a month. unfortunately, the news is presented mostly in Chinese

    1. Cryptoslice Post author

      wallets have nothing to do with airdrops , you will get them with any account. the only thing is a wallet might not automatically display your airdropped tokens, you can check all of them out on a block explorer page like this just search you account name. in this wallet you can add any missing tokens. hope this helps

      1. bleujay

        Thank you for your time @Cryptoslice. You say, ‘You can get them with any account.’ How does that work if one’s account is at OpenLedger. Thank you for the link….it did not come up with anything. Since there was the EOS DAC airdrop at OL…..there was confidence that they were in the right place….yet it appears it is clearly not. Any recommendations for places to have one’s EOS in order to benefit from airdrops……Telos is one in particular that I hope to be able to participate in. Apologies for the trouble. Cheers!

        1. Cryptoslice Post author

          do you have your eos on an exchange? if you do you need to create an account , you can do it though token pocket but i think it would be easier with greymass desktop wallet. i havent made a new account tho both my accounts come from the genesis snap shot so im not 100% sure how to make one.