Dear Trybers,

We’ve certainly been through some ups and downs over the last few weeks, but the Trybe community has held strong and we are now doing better than ever! Our community continues to grow rapidly and our pre-sale is selling steadily (we’ve now raised over US$50K in just a few weeks!)

In the next few weeks, we have a lot of exciting things happening, and we are also making a few changes to our system:

Pre-sale and Wallet Changes

Top Contributors Bonus Each Month

As of this month, we will be offering a “top contributors” bonus to our pre-sale contributors each month. If you are in the top 10 contributors for the month, you will be sharing in a bonus of 1 million TRYBE tokens that we will be giving away each and every month while the presale lasts!

This will be awarded on a proportionate basis – so the more you contribute, the higher your bonus will be!

Top Contributor Bonus All Time

To reward our top contributors for our entire pre-sale, we will be giving away 5M TRYBE tokens to the top 20 contributors once it’s concluded!

Again, this will be on a proportionate basis, so the more tokens you hold, the more you will receive!

New Wallet Features

Our new wallet, which will be released in the next week or so, is going to have some amazing features:

1. It will show the current winners of the above two bonuses.

2. It will show you a portfolio of all your current EOS tokens and balances, including their values (if they have a current value). This will be shown in a pie chart format so you can easily visualize all your current holdings (including TRYBE of course!)

3. The new wallet will show all of your token balances: your on-site balance, your EOS account balance, and your pre-sale balance. Based on your total balance, you will also be able to see how many tokens you will be receiving in the next airdrop! The more tokens you have, the more you will get from each airdrop.

PLUS there will be a couple of other great features that we are leaving as a surprise!!

Upcoming Airdrops:

We currently have 2 upcoming airdrops.

1 Million tokens on the 30th November

This will be based on your on-site TRYBE balance. If you have over 500 TRYBE in your account on, AND you have connected your EOS account to your Trybe profile, then you will receive a share of 1 million TRYBE tokens on that date (airdropped to your EOS account).

10 Million tokens on the 11th of December

This airdrop will be for everyone who has a balance, TRYBE tokens in their EOS account, OR who has purchased tokens in our pre-sale. The amount you get will be based on the total of those three balances. The more you have, the more you will receive!

Token Reward Changes

Unfortunately, due to some cases of fraud, we are no longer going to be offering a number of token rewards on our site any longer. The two which are being removed are the referral bonus and the daily login bonus.

However, you can still earn tokens for creating great content, and if you invite your friends to join the site and they give you high ratings for your work, you can earn more tokens that way too!

In the future we may be restoring the referral bonus, but probably not until the next version of the platform is finished (Trybe 2.0)…

Some Exciting Features of Trybe 2.0

Money from our pre-sale is being used to start developing Trybe 2.0, the next version of our platform!

We have a number of very exciting features that we’re planning on implementing down the track, including:

Trybe MUSIC: This will offer the ability for musicians to upload their content like on Soundcloud, but to earn token rewards for it like you can on Trybe! Think Spotify meets Soundcloud, but with tokenized rewards πŸ™‚

Trybe JOBS: A job board for all things crypto: developers, entrepreneurs, writers, video makers, anything you can think of!

Trybe MARKETPLACE: A place to buy and sell whatever it is you want to buy or sell!

Trybe GAMES: A portal to blockchain and cryptocurrency based games, some of them hosted directly on our platform!

Here’s a glimpse of what we’re working on, with a cool little slide-out toolbar at the side as well as a light and dark mode toggle! (and yes – we know we spelled tokens wrong!) πŸ™‚



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  1. bobfrank

    I think removing the daily log in tokens is way to soon, however i understand your position and reason for the change. I would like to wish you the best of luck and hope trybe grows in the future.

  2. Infosion

    Wow, this all really looks and sounds amazing!! So much great stuff to come, nice with the wallet, the 2.0 stuff has lots of nice ideas – great with music for example! Also nice detailled infos regarding the coming airdrops
    Thanks for all your work @ the whole TRYBE team!