When I see many apps today the first question I ask is “Does it need to be on the Blockchain or not?”

There have been many iterations of new features on EOS.io and now it feels like more and more startups are ready to climb aboard and start building great projects and one of the fastest and most powerful third generation blockchains. Let’s take a quick look at some promising projects building on EOS.io. The following is my personal opinion only and not financial or investment advice.


Social media was begging to be built on EOS after the popular Steemit platform that was also built by Dan Larimer rose to success. With fast block times and human readable account names now the focus is shifted to general user experience to close the gap with the likes of Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. While many social networks focus on Medium like writing ability the best blockchain based social networks will solve the mobile usability problems and be native code based. I have been truly impressed by the fast progress that Trybe is making and I hope that continues to push the barriers of what is acceptable further. The site is really nice and feels so much faster and more responsive than at launch. Keep up the good work! You get paid Trybe tokens to post content you would already be sharing on traditional social channels so why not write and invest at the same time? If you sign up please do me a favor and use my referral link here: https://trybe.one/ref/10924/


Want to use your crypto to buy things in the real world? Well, it turns out so do a lot of folks and that’s just what startup Flexa has proven to be able to do with their beta mobile application. We have all heard countless time how a crypto company has worked out a deal for card payments only to have them fall through. This is because Visa and Master Card hold the keys and spoiler alert “Don’t want competition”, I know shocking right? Flexa takes a different approach by becoming a processor itself and going directly to retailers. The users don’t get changed a fee and QR scanning becoming the channel through which I can “Coming soon” use EOS to pay for my Starbucks the same way as I pay with my Starbucks app. For more on the tech check out this article from them that goes into all the details of how it works. We are making crypto spendable everywhere. Unfortunately, there is no current way to invest in the project’s success for the public. The company did not do an ICO but was funded privately. Flexa has worked out deals with a huge number of big-box retailers. Check out their website to see the list. https://flexa.co/


When you think of an ever-expanding world of new creations and vocabulary the needs to keep up with that growing surge of data can be mind-blowingly challenging. The common sense solution to the problem has been provided by the likes of Wikipedia being crowdsourcing the maintenance of data creation and editing. The missing incentives are clear by the constant ads begging us to donate to the cause or risk losing a huge source of global information and knowledge. The founding team at Everipedia have created the answer to this problem and created what is, in my opinion, a much better user experience to browse in general. Users that contribute topics and edit to correct content are paid in the cleverly named IQ tokens which can be traded on an open market of exchanges or can be staked on the platform to enhance your ability to have editing power. This feature will in effect take out more supply from circulation and allow the token price to perhaps rise over time. Check out the Everipedia site here.


Often when we describe startups we might call them the “Uber of bla bla bla” so when a startup named Eva built a beautiful ride-sharing service on EOS it was a little bit meta inception for me. I got a chance to meet the team and see a live demo of their app at Blockchain Live and it was amazing to hear the passion they have for their project and the blockchain space in general. The service allows you to set up your own ride-sharing company thus being truly distributed. https://eva.coop/