Well friends trybe, meet again with me @m-two, and we are still in the same theme that is “traveling”. We are heading to a new tourist attraction in Aceh, this place is included in the top ten best tourist attractions in Aceh. If you are a foreign tourist, you can search on Google or on YouTube about this beautiful place. Because this place was once on the “On the Spot” list.

“Kuala Paret” is a pretty scenic river water attractions. The river with unique and strange rocks and clear water flowing swiftly makes the eyes of every visitor amazed. Kuala Paret is located in a village called island three, this village is in the eastern part of Aceh, namely in Aceh Tamiang. If you pass the main road in the direction of Banda Aceh-Medan, you should stop there.

Distance to this place is very far, after exiting the main road, you must pass the road full of dust and rocks approximately 30 kilometers. If the rainy season, you should bring a coat so as not to get wet and mud baths. The most interesting of the tour of Kuala Paret is its unique riverside as well as many slogans plastered along the river. This is so interesting…!

Wherever you go, wherever you are, you should prioritize safety. Because health is the most precious treasure that God grants to us all. Well friends trybe, thank you for visiting my blog!

Traveling to natural places is one method of healthy living, especially when it’s still fresh. besides good for health, it will also provide an extraordinary moment.

Get used to living healthy and loving nature. because if you are friends with nature, then nature will be your friend. Be a loving, not destructive human, because without plants on earth, you will not be able to live. then preserve nature, make a movement to plant trees, so that beautiful and beautiful nature is created.

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