I recently started to track my daily dividend payouts from the different EOS gambling dapps. My portfolio is diversified and I am exposed to just about every gambling dapp there is. My goal is to earn dividends and I am willing to stay long in these projects. No trading, unless I see confirmed scams. I am NOT tracking every project individually yet. I might try to set that up in the future. This is more a broad perspective look at which projects are working so far and what kind of ROI you can expect being diversified.

Projects that I HOLD and that are currently working and has kept their promise of staking and dividend payouts are: Also these are the tokens that my % return is based on.(There might be other legit projects that I don’t hold, like MEV – but this is only about my holdings)


Update: EOSFUN is working. I just withdrew around 28% ROI on the first payout.


All these are currently paying out dividends. I am not saying they are all great projects necessarily, but they have kept their promise regarding payouts.

The Dapps that I am still waiting for to implement Staking and payouts are:


Let’s take a look at the daily ROI for receiving dividends for the said tokens.


So after 5 days I have made a 4,94% ROI. I have however been receiving dividends for a lot longer than that from many of these tokens, so if I were to guess I would say my ROI so far on all gambling dapps (not including the price increase) is something like 40-50%. But I am more interested in the ROI when things have settled down/long term.

I’ll keep tracking it, and if people seem to like this post I will start to include % return on the individual project. That takes some work, so please let me know if you want to see that or if a total ROI is interesting enough. I can make an update like this every 7 days to see the weekly ROI as well. I’ll post a new update in two days to make the weekly ROI + I expect some of the other Dapps to have either exit scammed or implemented dividend payout by then, so it’s perfect with an update. 


After a few months of EOS gambling dapps I have to say that I am pretty happy to see that there are relatively few scams. Most of the developers and teams are asian, and there might be some culture clashes sometimes. We westerners sometimes think that their customer service is a bit..weird? (let’s just put it that way) but as someone once told me; “You should learn Chinese language” I suppose he was right, except I don’t think he or anyone else really realised that what you had to learn was not nesecarilly the language (because now we communicate over the web and we can use translate) but the culture and ways of communicating. Not saying I know a lot about it, but at least I realise now that it is very different, and that things that raise red flags might not really be red flags, just communication clash.

Even in this incredible bear market that never seems to stop, I am making good internet tokens (not real money ™) inside the EOS ecosystem and my accounts that I use in EOS are doing great. Tokens are increasing in value over all and they are paying out EOS that I usually have re-invested in new tokens, but at this point I am sitting on too many tokens and I struggle to stay involved.


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  1. Nicholas

    This two day rating window is still annoying. Plz write less articles 😀
    Can you write your top3 favorite gambling dapp, and a few details, how this “reward-share” works? I mean, which homepage, what token, how to stake, when moon (this one is optionally 🙂 ). I’m really interested about it!

  2. Infosion

    Didn’t know about some of them so far and will look into some of them! Thanks for sharing
    I’m also planning to publish some of my ROI trackings on the dividends the next days. Also thinking about presenting them with the price of the coin from the indivdual day of the claim or the last price. Then this is more usable to compare current prices regarding the expected ROI. … I hope you get what I mean 😉