In part 1 we looked around P.H Hoeft State Park.  It was a great park we will be visiting again in the future.  Here is one last look at the beach from there.  Notice no one else is anywhere to be seen.

After a quick dip in this beautiful water, we packed up camp and headed south.  Shortly after leaving we came across a Brown State of Michigan Park sign that said Waterfalls with an arrow pointing back in the woods.  

Ocqueoc Falls

I wasn’t not aware at the time we had waterfalls in Lower Michigan….and for good reason.  These are the only waterfalls in the lower peninsula.  A quick trip back into the woods and we found the parking lot.  Our hike began and nature was abound.


While not that big they are still really cool waterfalls. We ended up hiking the entire trail before taking a dip to cool off.  The water was amazingly warm.  Really warm.  If I had to guess I would say it was in the upper 80’s to 90’s.  Here is a short video of the falls.

Looking for a new camp site

We never make any formal plans, just head north and find a campground to pitch a tent at. Boy did we pick the wrong ones this time.

Ossineke State Forrest Campground

Originally we planned on staying at the Ossineke State Forrest Campground. It wasn’t manned and was very rustic….I’m good with that. We headed out around the grounds to see if they had any open spots. We found an open spot. It was site 15 and was tucked in some thick trees on the beach. Once we walked back into the site, we saw a sign….and a grave marker.


Someone was actually buried at this site and you could camp with him. Oh and the campground sits on the South Branch of the Devil river. Needless to say the better half wasn’t having it and we took off.

Negwegan State Park

This was another Rustic campsite. First you head 5.5 miles through dense Forrest to arrive at an unmanned map of the grounds. The closest site to the parking lot was 2.2 miles in the woods. Again this was fine with me but it was about to storm and she wasn’t having it. Very beautiful country and we will probably revisit this one when the weather is better. Here is what the drive back looked like.


Harrisville State Park

While cruising around we saw this state park. I hadn’t looked at it online and had no idea what it was about. We pulled in to check it out. As soon as we walked in the ranger station, the thunderstorms started.

Lucky for us a guy was just leaving his site he’d been at for 2 weeks. He still had 3 days left but his family was over it. We gladly accepted his site, then found out it was on the beach. The whole park was booked solid so this was awesome.

We drove down to the site to look at it. WOW. This park was awesome. A little yuppified for my liking but it will work. I think the only thing it didn’t have was Park wide Wi-Fi. They even had a firewood vending machine that accepted credit cards. LOL.

Here is a video of how close our site was to Lake Huron.

This was a nice campground for people looking for all the modern conveniences of home.  It was a very clean park with water, electric and bathrooms/showers.  I don’t know that we will be back to this campground as it was a little busier than what we like.  

After another long day of walking the beach, rock hunting and hiking we decided to call it a night.  The storms had passed and we spent the evening laying on the beach looking at the stars before returning to the bon fire for some adult beverages.

On my next post I’ll cover some of the attractions we visited while in the area.  I hope you have been enjoying my adventures from my summer adventure.  If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.  Stay tuned for more of this trip coming soon.  Thanks for reading and rating my post!  

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