I’m very excited about the new categories to post in. Don’t get me wrong, I really like posting about gold/silver but camping is my other favorite thing to do.   I’d like to take you all with me as I show you some of my camping adventures from this past summer.  Most of these will be 2 or 3 parts to each trip.  We saw so many cool things it’s hard to put them all in one blog per trip.  Let’s get this trip started!

I’ve traveled all over the US but Northern Michigan is my favorite place to be.

We started this weekends trip in Petoskey Michigan. Surprisingly it was very modern (not typical of “up north”) with all kinds of little Boutiques/Shops and Art Galleries. It was perfect for the man bun wearing hipster, riding a bike around with a helmet in their all natural garb. This place wasn’t my cup of tea and we didn’t waste much time here.

Next we traveled South for about 30min to land us in Charlevoix. It’s on the waters of Lake Michigan, which is the 2nd largest of the great lakes behind Lake Superior. It’s also the home of the Worlds Largest Cherry Pie (Insert Warrant lyrics here). This year we set out to also find some of the craziest roadside attractions, and this one was no exception.

Arriving at the campground

We had originally planned on staying here Saturday Night then heading South on Sunday. More on that to come. With no clue what the sites looked like we picked one that was close to amenities. By amenities I mean the Outhouse and hand pump water station. These are all Rustic campsites with no power, showers or running water.

We grabbed a map of the grounds and set out to find our site. This campground is absolutely HUGE. Between the north loop campsites and south loop campsites it’s 3 miles. The park offers 6 miles of sandy beaches (that no one uses as you’ll see) and water as clear as the Caribbean.

We travel very light to make it easier to move from camp to camp. Here is what we pack. One Coleman Exponent Heka X2 Backpack Tent and a cooler of beer/food, not much food as it takes up beer space.

Exploring the Park

This is about the point when my mind was first blown about this place. The water is so clear it’s unreal.  6 miles of beautiful sandy beaches and not a house in sight.  Here are some pics looking out across Lake Michigan.


Tomorrow I’ll take you on part 2 of this trip.  This was such a great campground I can’t wait to go back next year.

Have you ever been to Michigan?  Do you enjoy camping?  Let me know in the comment section below.  Thanks for reading and rating my blog!

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      1. Zeus69

        Yeah we have some beautiful scenery here in South Africa as well, pretty diverse as well, from desert to semi-desert to very dense forest environments, very suitable for a variety of hiking types.
        Mark (Zeus69)