I wanted to go to that part of the city for a long time, so today, taking advantage of the beautiful weather in Valencia, I took a long stroll in the City of Arts and Science, as it is called.

For some reason, Valencia was always associated in my mind with the old town (Ciutat Veilla) or with the beach (from Malvarossa, to Cabanyal or Patacona), and didn’t really pay attention to the “modern” area. I thought it was way too “touristy” or “dry”. I was quite surprised to find a vibrant place, way bigger than I thought it was –  I passed relatively close to that area in some of my runs in Turia – and really warm and very well proportioned.

The architecture was more inclusive than I thought, the function of the place, which is mainly an entertainment area, with museums and a movie theatre, being well balanced with breathing spaces, cafes and water ponds. The area was so big, that there was an internal bus and you could rent a tandem bike only for that area.

I didn’t even get to the Oceanographic, I didn’t have time for that as lunch was coming fast, but I plan to dedicate a full weekend to this area, and I also plan to do it “properly”, meaning visit all the museums and other entertainment areas.

I don’t know what is with Spain and architecture, but I’m really enjoying it. Every place you look, there is something different and every space is built in a revolutionary way. It’s like there is a Gaudi – or at least a cousin of him – in every city. I wonder how Sagrada Familia will feel to me, when I’ll see it. 

Until then, I will just leave these images to speak for themselves:

all original photos, made with an iPhone 6, untouched.

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