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  • Traveling in China Part I: The streets of Beijing, lost in translation, and people around town

About two years ago now, my wife Sabrina and I were feeling a little ill, we had been bitten by the travel bug, but couldn’t get away. We were stuck in Vancouver Canada, with just about enough money to pay the bills, but not much to do anything else. One thing we really truly love is traveling and exploring places we have never been, but this particular year it was really looking like a trip was just not going to happen. We didn’t have the cash, things weren’t working out the way we thought they needed to, we resigned to just stay home.

Then out of nowhere, in the span of about a week, we ended up booking 2 jobs that we weren’t expecting. Suddenly we had a fist full of cash (actually, a bank account balance slightly higher than normal) and since we had been planning on tightening up the belt as it were, this cash was basically bonus. I got to thinking about it for a day or two, then one afternoon I just turned to Sabrina and said “Hey, so we’ve got this money now, do you want to go to China?”

We both kinda laughed for a minute, then she said “Yeah, I really do… do you think we can?”

Two days later we had flights booked to Beijing, and 3 nights reserved at a hostel in the city, the rest was up to us to figure out as it came along. We look back at this insane, spontaneous decision with fond memories and warm laughter every time we talk about it. It was the start of one of the best trips we have ever been on together, and we don’t regret a single thing. Even when one of our jobs cancelled late, and the person who was going to rent our place canned out last minute (double rent, yay!!), and we ended up running out of money about three quarters of the way into our trip (hi uh mom? yeah, so were in Cambodia, and well, you’re not gonna believe this…).

I’ll be making more posts as a series eventually covering our entire trip through Asia, but for now I hope you enjoy looking through some of our memories from China!

Around Beijing

Sabrina, on our way to Vancouver airport.

On the tarmac at Shanghai, about to board our connecting flight to Beijing.

Sabrina was getting a little tired.

On the way to Beijing!!

One of the first images I took in Beijing.

The alley way leading to our hostel, you can see the sign in the back “Sunrise Hostel”

Severe jetlag = waking up at 4:00 in the morning to explore Beijing.

Later on that morning we were able to taste one of the worst simulated coffee flavored beverages ever to disgrace the face of this earth. But the view of the moat around the forbidden city was pretty nice!

Told you it was pretty nice.

I like this news stand, but don’t understand a single thing on it.

Fresh milk, every morning.

Exploring the alleyways.

Typical local Beijing market street, just around the corner from our hostel.

Drinks on the street.

We found a Sabrina size motorcycle!!

Sun setting above the rooftops.

Beijing is actually super cold in the winter, I thought these things were genius.

Faded images.

Manual street sweepers.

Folks on the Street

Taking a break.

Street corner.

In the hutongs.

Across the street.



We loved this lady’s outfit.

Cruisin the Hutongs.

Practicing on the street.

Homeless man across the street from a high end goods mall.

Street lion.

More kittehs, I luuuuurves themmmm!


Funny and interesting signs and products

WARNING DAOP DOWN! WARNING OVNTILATING!! This whole cluster of signs was hilarious and terrifying at the same time.

This guy is totally legit, these snacks are delicious!

Back when I was a hipster.

Delicious Pocari Sweat, drink it!!

Guess what? CHICKEN BUTT!! No wait.. the other thing… CHICKEN FOOT!!

Saving water, you are the best! Urinating into the pool, you are the best! Flushing timely, you are the… Wait what was that last one?

Well that’s the first part of our travels through China, I hope you enjoyed the photos and as always if you did feel free to throw me an up vote, I appreciate each and every one of em’! And remember to follow me @dallas on Trybe for new content all the time. I’ll be continuing this series soon, and eventually leading into Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand!


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  1. DonkeysWorld

    Nice post @dallas!
    It looks as though both of you had a great time in Beijing. I would like to go there someday in the future. Your photographs are excellent and I must say the last picture did rather tickle me, somewhat.

    Be civil, Be healthy and urinate in the pool to be the best!