As per title the best way to earn money is travelling, spending time to understand people culture, see how they live in different country, eating the same thing they eat because for sure the food is not the same of what someone will propose you in your country.

Just an example could be the Thai food… in UK you can find several Thai restaurant but rarely you can find the same taste you can find once visiting Thailand. I am saying so as I had the luck to travel over there and to taste their Pad Thai and many more dishes and none of them was tasting like the one given to me into the restaurants in UK.

Today I will propose you a trip I am doing now, in Austria as I have already mentioned to Tom and Matt in the chat. This trip is cool but I try to find always time to write to you guys in order to keep being an early birds of this project trying to get as many tokens as possible. Clearly my intention is not to become big and then get rid off of everything… I want to become a Whale and to give much more to all my followers and great contents creators πŸ™‚

This is the amazing view of the valley of Bad Gastein from my hotel room… it is stunning isn’t it? I really love it. Following the video I have recorded yesterday it was plenty of Snow all over the places but as you can see from this photo… only on the top of the mountains you can see snow… and it is really weird… we are in August that in Europe is Summertime but I have seen the snow… crazy guys!

I hope you enjoyed this post even if not crypto focused and you liked the photo that is my property clearly and taken with my phone, no filter applied.

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Bye for now!!!

Your friendly writer,


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  1. Dexpartacus

    A me interessa un sacco anche se non parla di crypto, anche il mio primo articolo pubblicato non ne parla…non Γ¨ un campo dove ho molta competenza per ora…
    Concordo con te, Γ¨ sicuramente uno dei migliori modi di spendere i soldi viaggiare.
    Che spettacolo sto posto della foto!!
    l’Austria mi manca, prima o poi ci devo andare!!
    Purtroppo non posso votarti questo post perchΓ© mi dice che posso votare solo un post al giorno per utente e ti ho giΓ  votato il primo che hai fatto… sarΓ  per domani!
    Carino sto trybe!✌️

  2. webdeals Post author

    grazie mille πŸ™‚ si l’Austria e’ molto carina! Ogni giorno puoi dare un voto per utente… quindi si magari domani fa un salto per un nuovo upvote πŸ™‚
    Passo a controllare il tuo blog πŸ™‚

  3. Holly

    in 4 weeks it goes back from Greece to Germany for a few months. Then it goes through the Alps again. Let’s see either by ferry from Ancona or Venecia. Then I can finally buy blue Fanta again that I’ve only seen in Italy πŸ™‚ Left 5 stars

    Many greetings Holger