TRON’s goal is to build a blockchain based free content entertainment system with the intention of getting rid of useless middlemen. This system will allow everyone to participate in publishing and storing data as well as earning by other users valuing this content. If TRON will be successful users will be able to create content, store it safely on the blockchain and get rewarded in a transparent way, without paying too much on fees or percentages to “needless” and nowadays hard to avoid middlemen. Like when uploading a video on YouTube: If you get advertising at all in the end YouTube always keeps a portion of your potential earnings. In TRON’s example a user could upload a video to the platform and would then be able to earn rewards without having to pay needless fees.

This is just one example of how this could relate to video content. But in the end there’s a much bigger eco system that can be build by developers and used by the users to profit from fairer content distribution and availability. Any part of video or audio content could then be seen as being potentially a part of the TRON network. Not only videos but also pictures and also different audio related works like music or podcasts. Also, the user who shares content and earns rewards from it can spend his earnings on the TRON network on something else. Maybe he or she likes to watch a movie, listen to some music or may even want to ride a bike. Yeah, that’s right! TRON’s use cases are primarily aimed at content and its distribution. But already back in 2017 TRON announced a partnership with oBike, which is an international bike sharing company. They will create a way for users to earn rewards on lending their bike. This already gives you some small glimps of what TRON is aiming for in the future.

Good Plans For Testing And Improving Scalability

TRX has great ambitions in really testing their network and improving the scalability. That’s the reason they recently bought BitTorrent for ~$120 Million. With a user base of more than 100 million active users this will be a great real testing ground to see how that many users can interact through the TRON network. Plans are to create some blockchain use cases for users to share content through BitTorrent with the help of the TRON network blockchain technology.

The BitTorrent network is being already decentralized since its creation back in 2004. Having such a huge user base and struggling for finding some buyer for securing their future of use the buying of BitTorrent has been a great strategic business move from Justin Sun, the creator and CEO of TRON.

There have been rumors about NEO did also show interest in the BitTorrent bidding. Without being officially demanded or confirmed, if you think about it: A BitTorrent user base is however really interesting for not only TRON and NEO but a lot of blockchain projects.

BitTorrent (BTT) Airdrop For All TRON Holders

To make their plan of scalability testing a reality TRON will do a series of airdrops for distributing the BTT token. Over the period of the next six (!!) years there will be an airdrop every month from now on. Here are the amounts of BTT that will be airdropped to TRX holders on the 11th of each month (at 0:00 UTC) during this upcoming time period:

  • 2019/03/11 – 2020/02/11: 990,000,000
  • 2020/03/11 – 2021/02/11: 1,072,500,000
  • 2021/03/11 – 2022/02/11: 1,155,000,000
  • 2022/03/11 – 2023/02/11: 1,237,500,000
  • 2023/03/11 – 2024/02/11: 1,320,000,000
  • 2024/03/11 – 2025/02/11: 1,402,500,000

To be included into the airdrop you simply need to have TRX in your wallet, for example in an Exodus wallet. The tokens will be credited to your account, but probably not be visible through wallets like Exodus immediately. If you’re interested you should check with a TRON block explorer, like

Also, if you are planning to sell your portion of the airdropped BTT tokens fast after you will receive them you should rather get your TRX tokens to an exchange, like for example Binance. They support the airdrop and will create a faster opportunity for you to sell them, if you’re planning to, compared to keeping your tokens “safe” in your own wallet.

Positive Review “Correction” From Weiss Ratings

Weiss Ratings are a well-known independent provider of investment ratings from traditional stocks over several investment options and also crypto currencies. Recently, Weiss Ratings gave TRON a good sounding forecast for the future. From their analysis it is one of the most bullish acting crypto assets of the current crypto top 10. Main reasons for the positive statement were probably

  • already large and active community around TRON on social media platforms
  • BTT token sale (28 Jan 2019 – 3 Feb 2019)
  • starting BTT airdrops on 11. Feb 2019 and ongoing for six years
  • continuous growth of DApps, smart contracts and much more

In the past, Weiss Ratings criticized TRON negatively on some occasions. For example TRON was accused of plaguing Ethereum or others whiter papers parts.

NiTRON Summit

TRON recently hosted a big event the NiTRON Summit which was an interesting meeting of developers, fans, entrepreneurs and experts where the future outview was presented and also new potentials discussed. As different sources tell this event has been a great success, will be probably continued and can be expected to be even bigger the next time. The key results of this conference were TRON’s detailed plans about upcoming BitTorrent developments with an announcement for the launch of BitTorrent’s Livestream feature in probably 2019. This will create a product ready for competing with “the big ones” like Facebook or Twitter.

Fast Grwoing Number Of TRX DApps

The number of actual DApps is growing pretty fast. With things now getting really starting for the TRON Network we can expect these numbers to grow even further with developers building new TRON DApps and users interacting with them. This can be seen at the current DApp statistics on :

Comparing the amount of current TRON DApps vs. ETH and EOS on results in the following division:

chart created at

MEV TRX Airdrop Coming Up

Because of my interest in the EOS Casino DApps I came across RoyalOnliceVegas plans to implement TRX soon on their site. Then you’ll be able to gamble for example Blackjack with EOS or TRX.

I guess this is a change we may soon see all over the place: DApps having built on EOS now being able to “open the gate” to the TRON network. With gambling DApps being the ones most build and used so far it’s not surprising to see them adapt this trend first.

If you have some MEV tokens in your wallet or staked you’ll have to register your MEV TRX account until Feb. 9th. to get your portion of the airdrop here:

With TRON rather getting started compared to ETH and EOS this already shows a significant portion of the current simple amount of current DApps. With time moving on and different issues existing for a potential use of ETH or EOS as the basis technology of an DApp TRON gets itself into a great position for being a potential future DApp standard.

Nobody can tell what the future brings and which kind of DApp technology will sustain the test of time. Also, keep in mind that TRON has already come very far in a very short amount of time. It’s still brand new with having been just created in 2017,  compared to ETH or EOS. So I guess it’s fair to say that right now TRX tries its very best to create enough reasons for making its use attractive right now and even more potentially important in the future – to both, developers and users.



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