Hello good ladies and gentlemen of Trybe.

The poll results have been tallied and the winners for the TRON competition are in! A special thanks to all the contestants as well as all those who took the time to read and vote.

On a personal note, as mentioned in the previous post, this marked the first time for me to be caretaker of this contest. Personally, I liked the use of the telegram poll bot as it seems to keep an up to date running tally that is easy to see and calculate. In regards to the point system whereby each person gets 3 votes and each vote is worth 1 point, I thought it was a pretty clear cut way to show an overall tally. I set the vote for 96 hours as to give people who may not check so often a chance to weigh in on their favorites – although I kind of feel that this may have been a little too long as most votes were cast within the first 2 days, so maybe 72 hours would have been better. However that said, please note that none of the placings changed in the last 24 hours, just in case you were wondering. In addition, considering it was yours truly that thought up the process and rules for this contests point spread and ranking, should you have any issues then I will take sole responsibility for this. I apologize if anyone in the contest felt that they were misrepresented or unfairly treated, but as they say in the biz, you can’t please everyone all the time. Personally as I was the final tallier of the community votes, I did not personally cast any votes as I thought it best to remain neutral to avoid any conflict of interest. On a final note, please feel free to comment below if there was something about the way the voting process was organized that you especially liked or disliked – I’d be interested to hear your thoughts/constructive criticisms if you have any 😉

Lots of great entires in this contest and personally I enjoyed reading every one of them. In order to claim your prized please head on over to the Trybe telegram channel at https://t.me/trybe_one and inquire about how to collect your prize.

So without further ado, of the total 69 votes cast…

In 5th place with 5% of the vote for 5,000 TRYBE


In 4th place with 7% of the vote for 10,000 TRYBE


In 3rd place taking 14% of the total vote for 15,000 TRYBE


In the runner up spot with 21% of the overall vote for 20,000 TRYBE


And, in the #1 spot with 50% of the vote for 25,000 TRYBE


Once again, thanks for everyone who submitted excellent content to educate the TRYBE community on TRON, all those people who took the time to cast votes, and to Matt & the TRYBE team for organizing this contest and prizes.

Until that time again then good Trybians, keep the great content and amazing community spirit that we have all come love here on Trybe striding forward, and as always, on a personal note from me to you, thanks so much for stopping by 😉

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  1. Infosion

    Thanks for managing all this @jrdeosa!
    Grats to everyone else who won and also to the winner! Think all the articles were very different and nice on their own. All together a really nice sumup about TRON right now.
    Think in future it would probably be best if people could would somehow vote directly on the TRYBE site. But I think that’s some stuff for the future TRYBE site. It would make it easier for everyone

    1. James Diegel Post author

      Hi Infosion – and thanks for the comments. And yes, initially I tried to design it all onsite, but I ran into some complications. I wanted something that allowed voters to see the running tally of votes without releasing the names of who people voted for (but also allowed the administrators to have a record). At first I thought that maybe I could have people send me a private message on platform, but there were complications as I could not seem to receive a message from new people when I was offline. In addition, even if that route were possible, then all votes would have to be manually tallied and the trust the community had in me would have to be 100%. So, because of these two issues, in the end then, I opted for the telegram bot that allowed for transparency whereby voters could see the running tally, as well as automated calculation. I’m not sure what the future will hold to be honest, but it seems like a lot of people really enjoy these contests so there will be more in the future. And yes, with the new site release things that were problematic with the system that I implemented may in fact have work arounds – however I really have no idea as I eagerly await the next release much as many of you. All that said though, thanks so much for taking the time and being honest about your feelings. I am a big fan of constructive critical troubleshooting and think that it will only serve to make this TRYBE community that we have all adopted become better over time – and lets face it – in the end what is good for TRYBE is good for us as early adopters. So yes Infosion, on a personal note from me to you, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with myself and the broader community in an effort to continually improve in my opinion both the individual within and the community at large 😉

      1. Infosion

        Yeah man, sorry. I didn’t mean to critizie your system to much 😉 Think for how things are right now this is a great way to do it and you surely also had to put some time in to develope, realize it and in the end manage all the results and communicating stuff. So really thanks for you doing this! Also think this is probably better/easier to do it compared to putting the votes in the comments.
        I’m sometimes just thinking in the bigger picture and don’t think about current realisation 🙂 All good, think the results of the competition represent that the system is good to use!

        1. James Diegel Post author

          Infosion, no worries at all. I really want to make these contests great as I think they are an integral and important part of our educational community… so please feel free to let your true thoughts be known. I cannot promise to make the changes but I can promise to consider the thoughts and implement as best I can 😉 And, no matter where a person may be or what they have achieved it is my personal belief that everything can always be improved within reason… so thank you so much for taking the time to voice your honest thoughts… very much appreciated indeed 🙂

          1. Infosion

            Allright this sounds great 🙂 I’m also happy to give my thoughts on things like this with the intent of future improvements. As u said this is all a process where we all take part somehow.
            Also thanks for your nice detailled answers!